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Doctor In The House

Posted on Fri Jul 24, 2020 @ 11:08pm by Lieutenant Andrese "Andie" Anwar & Captain Joseph Boston

Mission: Starbase 101
Location: Bridge, USS Tigris
Timeline: Current

Stepping from the turbolift on to the Bridge of her newest vessel, the newest posting, Lieutenant Anwar hovered for the briefest of moments on the threshold, as if trying to decide if this is truly where she wanted to be. Quick as it came on, the uncertainty passed, and the Doctor performed a perfunctory sweep of the newly entered space with dark brown gaze. Finding it as tidy as one would expect, deft hands passed over her uniform, ensuring that it had not gained any wrinkle or ill fit in the short time it had taken her to come aboard. It was easy enough to locate the man would would be her new commanding officer; there were only so many, after all. And surely fewer that would wear the Captain's pips of rank.

Andie could not really claim that she was nervous, per se. Though there was always some level of unease that came with a change of scenery and personnel. Such was to be expected; even hoped for, in the world of Starfleet. Advancement often meant relocation. As was the particular situation that she now found herself in. To be given her own department had been quite an honor. One that she had not expected, to say the least. Though, certainly more than pleased to accept it, once offered.

"Captain Boston?" Was inquired as she stepped down towards the command chair. Though it honestly sounded like more of a statement than a question. "Lieutenant Anwar, reporting aboard Sir."

Joe turned and looked at his new Chief Medical Officer. "Welcome aboard Doctor." He said. "I am Captain Boston."

Performing the perfunctory, expected salute Andrese tried her best attempt at a winning smile. Though she had been told such an action often looked like a dog baring its teeth, this was her commanding officer after all. The effort of congeniality was required, and readily put forth. She wished to be seen as a boon and not a burden; thus focused on trying to put her best foot forwards, here. "I look forward to serving with you, Sir. As you are no doubt aware, this is my first posting as a department chief; but I assure you that I will do my best to uphold expectations."

Joe nodded. "I have reviewed your record and I know your ready. Your an excellent Doctor and will make a fine addition to the ship."

While another person may have been inclined to blush or feign to be demure about such a compliment given by their Captain, Andrese gave a small nod instead. She was aware of her abilities as well as anyone else; as one would hope to be. "Thank you, Sir. If you have no objection, I would greatly desire to get started on familiarizing myself with Sickbay, and the ship in general."

"Absolutely, I'm sure your curious about the upgrades they have done to sickbay." Joe explained. We even have EMH two point oh."

The mention earned a small gleam in the Doctor's eye, but outwardly she remained as level as she had from the start. "I must admit a certain measure of excitement, for obvious reasons. And, of course, I am certain I will see you again for the pre-flight medical clearance exams."

Joe was confused. "Medical Exams?"

Nodding in a very matter-of-fact sort of way, Andrese fixed the Captain with a serious expression. "I know I have your most recent exam on file, but I have a few things that I look for that most other medical professionals do not. As well as wishing to ensure that all of our crew's leadership is truly the best we can currently be."

Joe did his best to hide a grimace. "Very well Doctor, I only ask that you start scheduling exams after all personal report aboard."

The reaction was expected, and didn't warrant much of one in the Doctor herself. Most people did not like to see her, especially if there was not an immediately pressing reason. "Of course, Captain." was capitulated easily enough. It was a simple enough request. "In the meantime, I will ensure that we are fully stocked and ready for whatever may await us."

Joe smiled and nodded. "Excellent, I look forward to your report on sickbay. And I suppose I will see you sometime soon for that exam." Joe cleared his throat. "When time permits."

Taking the comment as the dismissal it more or less was, Andie gave a small nod agreement, "Surely sooner than later, on both counts." she added as her parting salvo, and offered a brief flash of a smile that seemed at least moderately genuine. With another, final little salute, the Doctor took her leave. Far more eager to go explore her new workspace than to draw out a conversation unnecessarily.


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