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I want to get to know you

Posted on Sat Aug 1, 2020 @ 9:25pm by Lieutenant Mari Savette & Lieutenant Sorel PhD

Mission: Starbase 101
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


The journey to her new home had been long one but Mari was bubbling with excitement and trepidation. She’d requested a transfer to the USS Tigris when she’d located her father, she’d been following his career ever since she’d joined the Academy in hopes of meeting him one day. She could have called but it was in impersonal way to introduce herself, it was something she needed to do face to face.

Once past security she made her way to her assigned quarters to drop off her hand luggage, check her boxes had arrived and freshen herself up. That done she’d taken a deep breath and headed for the quarters of Lieutenant Sorel.

Settling in from his first full day Sorel relaxed with his hot tea and classical Romulan opera.

Arriving at the door Mari cantered herself, she needed to project an air of calm. Reaching out a hand she pressed the door chime and waited.

Not knowing anyone Sorel paused the music.

" Come in."

Walking through the doors Mari offered a polite smile as she entered, she couldn’t help but feel nervous about meeting Sorel but she did her best to hide it. “Lieutenant Sorel, I’m Mari Savette. Forgive me for intruding.”

" Lieutenant you must be lost . How might I assist you?" Sorel answered.

“Actually I ...” She paused. Was it best just to come out with her reason for visiting? Sorel was a Vulcan after all, and it was usually best to be direct. “I came looking for my father, for you.”

Sorel said nothing but sat down his tea and silenced his music. Moments were decades as the girls voice touched a nerve.

" I see. Would you care for some herbal tea?" Sorel asked as it was tradition. " Please sit down and proceed."

Mari hadn’t been expecting an emotional response, Vulcan’s weren’t known for being emotional but at least he hadn’t asked her to leave. “Thank you, tea would be good, yes please.” She took a seat. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to just blurt that out, I wasn’t sure how to tell you.”

" Lieutenant how are you sure I am your...Father? Who is your Mother?" Sorel replied aware of only one other person he had feelings for besides his late wife.

T’Mari took a deep breath and relaxed before answering the question. “My mother told me about you. Her name is Amethyst Savette, she met you when you were serving aboard a Starbase together. She didn’t contact you because she didn’t want to ruin your career.”

" Some truth to all you said. I met Amethyst and we did have a passionate relationship together. Being Betazoid she helped me to over come my anger at having been a prisoner of war on Romulus.But I never knew you were born" Sorel replied.

Mari nodded. “It took me a long time to ask about my father, the way she speaks about you tells me she loved you very much. I wondered whether I should find you but I wanted to get to know you, let you get to know me ... if you want to that is?”

" Yes of course. Is Amethyst still alive?" Sorel replied.

Mari smiled and nodded. “She certainly is, she is off out amongst the stars onboard a Federation ship. She didn’t want to retire gracefully, she loves exploration. We keep in touch when time and distance allow.”

" Fascinating. I was not aware of her affiliation with Star Fleet. I am perplexed and at ease with her outcome. Clearly she has lived long and prospered. Mari you have your mothers beauty." Sorel chimed.

“Thank you” Mari blushed and smiled. “She always said I reminded her of a younger version of herself, not including the pointed ears of course.”

" They add character and a higher range of sound. Forgive my nonsense. I assure you I am Vulcan but that was a long time ago. I am persuaded your claim is true. I, sadfully, could not love your mother as she needed to be loved. My pent up anger at having been a prisoner of war only exaserbated my sanity. This is not an excuse, we are all responsible for our actions. I took advantage of Amethyst kindness. I underwent the Pon farr and Amethyst empathy availed me a relief. You are no doubt the result of that night." Sorel confessed.

“My mother thought that you loved her, but she hasn’t spoken badly of you. In-fact she speaks very fondly of you.” Mari smiled warmly. “I understand better now why she never told you about me. Would it bother you if others aboard this ship knew I was daughter?”

" No, I am too old to care what people think. I am honored to know you exist and are my daughter Mari." Sorel replied as he stood up.

Mari smiled proudly. “Thank you Sor ... father. I did mention to the Captain that my father was onboard but I didn’t say who, at least now I can inform him that all is well.” She kept smiling. “Would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night? It’ll give us chance to get to know one another better.”

" Are you a chef or a replicator? To prepare my pallet?" he seemed to joke.

Mari smiled warmly. “Both but for you I will prepare fresh ingredients straight from Vulcan. You’ll be surprised how well versed I am in Vulcan dishes.”

" Probably better than myself. Plomeek soup was my daily meal for a long time. I am pleased you found me Mari," Sorel replied.

Mari smiled the biggest smile yet. “As am I father. I will endeavour to make you proud of me.”

Sorel nodded in agreement.



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