The Sim

Welcome to the Tigris Play-By-Web Simmulation.

The USS Tigris is a independent SIMM that was first launched in 2008 under the command of Commander Joe Boston. Then relaunched in 2016 using NOVA. She is part of The TNG, DS9, and VOY universe. I hope all that visit this site find it fun and enjoyable.

The USS Tigris is a Sovereign class starship. The Sovereign class was introduced in the late 24th century. The vessel included some of Starfleet's most recent technological advances. The Sovereign project was one of the new defensive technologies initially intended for use against the Borg threat. The prototype USS Sovereign was still in the design phase during the Battle of Wolf 359.

Heavily armed, the design philosophy for the Sovereign class was shaped by the discovery of the Borg. The project attempted to push the envelope as far as possible when it came to computer power, shields, armament and systems capabilities. The Sovereign class starship combined the creature comforts associated with the larger Galaxy class vessels with the tactical power of the new Prometheus class.

The vessel included some of Starfleet's most recent technological advances. In addition to these advances Tigris was recently refitted. Adding a total of 16 phaser arrays, a large quantum torpedo turret launcher that's mounted forward of the navigational deflector above the captain's yacht. The launcher is capable of firing at least four rounds per second. Backup to the quantum torpedoes was provided by photon tubes; 3 facing forward, 6 facing aft. These launchers can fire up to 12 torpedoes at a time. The warp engines of the Sovereign were of a new design that eliminated subspace distortion effects inherent to standard warp drives without the use of variable geometry nacelles, as found on the Intrepid class.