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Reporting in

Posted on Fri Jul 24, 2020 @ 8:33pm by Lieutenant Mari Savette & Captain Joseph Boston

Mission: Starbase 101
Location: Ready Room


Mari headed for the Captain’s ready room, her transfer orders were on the PADD she carried with ready to show her new CO. As she arrived at the ready room she pressed the chime and waited.

Joe was getting used to the interruptions. It was a nice distraction from the reports he had to fill out before the ship could leave starbase.

"Come" Joe said.

Walking inside the ready room Mari made her way across to Captain Boston’s desk. “Lieutenant Mari Savette, Chief Counsellor reporting for duty Captain.” She smiled warmly as she handed over the PADD.

Joe took the padd and stood up looking over the padd. "Welcone aboard Lieutenant."

“Thank you Sir.” She smiled warmly. “This is my first assignment as Chief Counsellor but I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Joe smiled back. "Fitst assignments are always a challenge. Especially when it comes to crews. Are you ready to handle difficult situations?”

“Yes Sir” Mari nodded. “I aim to prove myself more than worthy of my role here. I have both my Betazoid heritage and my Vulcan heritage to draw on. I’m not a-typical of either race I’m an eclectic mix of both. It gives e certain strengths to draw on.”

Joe nodded. "Your talents will be called upon from time to time I'm sure. If I may ask a personal question?"

“By all means Sir” Mari smiled and nodded.

"How did your parents meet?" Joe asked as carefully as he could. "Its not often Vulcans who reject emotion to be with one's who embrace it."

“My parents met when they were serving aboard the same Starbase. My mother isn’t in Starfleet but she does work with Starfleet, she and my father fell in love but ended up going their separate ways. My father never knew about me, mainly because my mother thought it would interfere with his Starfleet career.” She paused. “May I share something with you Sir?”

"Of course." Joe replied eager to hear what she had to say.

“I requested this assignment not just for the position of being Chief Counsellor, I also wanted to meet my father. He’s aboard this ship.”

"What?" Joe said confused. "If he doesnt know about you wont that make things awkward?"

“It would, but I intend to introduce myself.” She offered a hopeful smile. “I just hope he’ll accept me. From what I know of my people they prize family.”

"Lets set the meeting up right away then." Joe said. If this situation becomes too much for anyone to handle I want them to have the option to request a transfer."

Mari nodded. “That’s fair enough Sir but I’d rather sort the meeting myself, thank you for the offer though. I will keep you informed of how it goes.”

Joe took a breath. "Very well. I will let you handle the matter. Please do it soon, I'm sure he will be very surprised to see you.”

“Indeed” Mari nodded and offered a smile. “I plan to go and see him as soon as I can.”

"Please do let me know how it goes." Joe asked sincerely.

“Yes Sir I will” Mari stood ready to leave. “It’s been nice meeting you Sir.” With that she headed on her way.



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