Shakedown Take 2 - Required physicals
by Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Lieutenant Sean Byrnes & Lieutenant Sara McKlusky, Nursing Director

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Title   Required physicals
Author(s)   Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Lieutenant Sean Byrnes & Lieutenant Sara McKlusky, Nursing Director
Posted   Tue May 31, 2016 @ 3:29pm
Location   sickbay
Timeline   somewhere in-between

Taavis, having seen to her quarters and her office space for the Science department, walked down the corridors and towards sickbay. Arriving at the entrance she strode inside the medical department, coming up and stopping short as a person in a gold uniform designation stood right in front of her. This man was blocking further access into sickbay, as if he was unsure or lost. She immediately recognized the back of the head but said nothing in regards to the recognition. "Excuse me." Taavis said this politely, even though her other half wanted to spin the fool around and give him a warm hug.

Hearing a polite voice behind him, Byrnes turned and looked back over his shoulder, ready to give a friendly response, and spotted the Vulcanoid woman. "Taavis!?" Spinning all the way as he said her name, Sean held his arms open for a hug. "Good to see you."

Taavis, making no move to hug him, arched her eyebrow. "It is agreeable to see you, as well, Lieutenant Byrnes."

Byrnes gave a harumph, and being his ballsy self reached out and pulled her to him, in a warm embrace of friendship. "I'm not letting go until you return the hug, Taavis."

Despite herself, and all her efforts to keep herself calm and logical, a barely perceptible sigh escaped her lips. Without much warmth she reached her arms up and gave a quick hugging response, then her hands dropped quickly. Most Vulcans did not like to be touched and at this stage in her life, Taavis tried to avoid too much physical contact herself. "I need to get by. We shall have a meal together and discuss life since we parted ways years ago." Stepping around Sean, she went deeper into sickbay, finding a biobed that was empty, and went and stood by it.

Mac instructed one of her nurses to see to the Vulcan woman while she walked over to Sean and smiled, playfully. "They always come back for more," she teased. as she patted an empty biobed. "Step into my parlor, handsome."

Byrnes watched Taavis go her own way, not overly surprised at her new way of carrying herself. When he saw Mac and she offered him a place to be examined, he gave a dramatic rolling of the eyes and a grin, shaking his head as he stepped over to her and hopped up on the edge of the bed. "Howya, darlin'? And, thank you."

Mac activated the biobed's monitors and set up the Doc's utility tray with the instruments she would need to perform the physical. Knowing that the Doc would want her to draw blood, she prepared a hemo-extractor. As she did, she glanced over at the Vulcan female and then looked back at Sean. "Do I need to be jealous?" she teased.

Glancing at Taavis again, Byrnes chuckled as his eyes came back to his caretaker. "No, not at all. Just a friend from my days on Utopia. She introduced me to Vulcan neuro-pressure after an injury to my shoulder. Really helped to keep it healing and the rest of the muscles from being overworked while compensating." Another light laugh. "I could say it helped clear my mind too, but that is pretty much impossible with all the refuse I have logged away up there."

Mac chuckled as she pushed up Sean's sleeve and placed the extractor over a vein. "Well....just so you know....I don't like to share," she teased as she extracted the required amount of blood.

Holding the sleeve up so Mac could use both her hands for her ministrations, Sean winked, that crooked grin still on his face. "Most women don't. And, to be fair, most fellas don't like it either. And why I am still single."

Mac finished extracting Sean's blood and labeled it. "The Doc will be over as soon as she finishes with your friend," she said. "Don't miss me too much," she teased with a wink then she disappeared to take the blood work to the lab.

Taavis stood quietly, clasping her hands behind her back as she waited, seeing that Sean was now busy with someone he obviously knew. She had known him for a few years at Utopia, having been assigned as a Science officer to aid in matter/anti-matter intermix equations for each class of ship. They had shared intimate time insofar as Vulcan neuro-pressure was involved. Beyond that, they had not had a physically sexual friendship, despite the fact that both had considered it several times in private. A familiar face aboard was not unpleasant.

"Have a seat," a nurse instructed Taavis. "Name?" she asked as she opened a new medical chart.

Looking to the nurse. "Lieutenant Taavis. I am half Vulcan, half Romulan. A need-to-know for my physical." Once that was said, Taavis continued. "There will be evidence of synaptic damage to certain areas of my brain. It is a long time healed, but there is a minimum of damaged tissue within."

The nurse made notes as the Taavis spoke. When she was done she said, "thank you. Dr. Beckett will be with you shortly."

"Thank you," responded Taavis, using the human idioms she had so cherished a few years ago. Now, with a determination to heal herself even more, on a mental level despite the physical damage, she chose to use a more Vulcan-like demeanor.

Nikki walked out of her office and saw the nurse tending to a Vulcan female, wave her over so she strolled over to the patient area. The nurse handed her the chart and informed her that the Commander was there for her boarding physical then went over to the utility tray to prepare to draw blood.

"Welcome to the Tigris, Taavis. I'm Dr. Beckett," Nikki said raising her hand in the traditional Vulcan salute. She picked up the bio-scanner and began her scans. Having read the nurse's notes about a past neurological trauma, she focused her scans on Taavis's brain. "Do you experience any pain?" she asked.

"No," answered Taavis. "There is no pain. The physical portion is healed. It is the damage to the synaptic pathways which I seek, without surgery. Perhaps, in time, given the right meditation and Vulcan healing techniques in that regard, I will find a way to get my control back." She looked into Beckett's eyes. "I took a leave of absence from Starfleet for a few years, spent time with my sisters, and they have chosen to follow their Romulan side in regards to emotions. I got caught up in that, letting my emotions have free reign. Since my return to service, I am focusing on regaining as much control as I can over emotional outbursts." It was a bit long-winded, but Taavis felt the CMO should know as much as possible to provide the best care. After all, logic suggested that if she could not be honest with the ship's Doctor, then who could she be honest with?

Nikki looked at the biobed's monitors. During Taavis's answer her pulse and blood pressure had slowly risen, telling Nikki that Taavis was speaking more out of nerves than explanation. It was perfectly normal for nerves to manifest themselves in fast rambling least normal for Humans. But for a Vulcan? Nikki decided to try and help by switching her bio-scanner to pulmonary and placing it against Taavis's back. Placing one hand, gently, on Taavis's shoulder, she could feel the tension in the woman's muscles as they seemed to quiver underneath the surface. In a soft, soothing voice, she said, "Taavis....take a deep breath and hold it," as she listened to the audio scan. She knew that Taavis's lungs were clear but she wasn't doing it for that reason.

Doing as instructed, Taavis took in the breath and held it. Not knowing what exactly the Doctor was going to find in regards to her back and lungs, Taavis waited until she was told to release the breath.

"Ok. Let it out," Nikki said and moved the scanner to the other side and had her repeat the exercise. After she repeated it a couple of times, Nikki could, not only see the results in Taavis's vitals but she could feel her muscles relax. "Good," she said, putting the scanner back on the utility tray.

The nurse had already drawn blood and was handing it off to Mac as she passed by on her way to the lab. "You have another one on 3, boss," Mac announced as she breezed by.

"Ok, Taavis," Nikki said, signing the release. "You are finished here. Full release," she said, handing the chart to the nurse. She stepped closer and said, very quietly, "and, Taavis....I know it's not the Vulcan way...but if you ever need to...just door is always open." Not waiting for a reply she stepped back, gave the Vulcan salute said, "live long and prosper," and disappeared from the patient cubicle.

Taavis returned the salute. Being cleared, she left sickbay.

Nikki walked up to Sean and said, "'s my favorite Engineer?"

Byrnes chuckled. "Favorite, huh? Well, thanks for that. Mac checked the oil, so I assume you're here to see to the engine?"

"I am," Nikki laughed as she picked up the bio-scanner and began her scans. Within a few minutes she had completed Sean's physical and said, "as Mac would are a fine specimen. You are clear to go play with your warp coils....or whatever they are."

Sean laughed. "Okay, that was called for. Nice bedside manner, Doc. Thanks for clearing me. All those affected by the gas I will have come back in over the next few days to get a second okay on their duty levels. I've been working them hard." He stood up off the bed, lightly squeezing her arm and saying low. "Give Mac my thanks, too. I hate these physicals, but with you two around, makes it less so." Stepping around her, Byrnes walked from sickbay.

Nikki smiled. "He's a charmer," she muttered as she walked away.