Shakedown Take 2 - Tigris, Underway!
by Captain Joe Boston & Lieutenant Commander David Skii & Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Sean Byrnes

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Title   Tigris, Underway!
Author(s)   Captain Joe Boston & Lieutenant Commander David Skii & Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Taavis & Lieutenant Sean Byrnes
Posted   Tue May 31, 2016 @ 10:35pm
Location   USS Tigris, bridge
Timeline   Current
Joe sat in his command chair looking around. He was proud because the time had come to get the Tigris back out there. He tapped the button for ship wide announcements.

"Attention all hands, this is Captain Boston." Joe said trying to contain his happy tone. "We will be leaving space dock in fifteen minutes. All ship yard and non-crew members are asked to depart the ship. All hands departure stations."

Having been on the bridge for her Alpha shift, Taavis stood at the Science II console, which put her to the Captain's left, standing post, just behind his left shoulder. Activating sensors and keeping them on passive, adding in the spacedock telemetry, she brought up the guidance beacons. "Sensors tied in with Spacedock, Captain. All flight telemetry is available."

Having come up from main engineering, Byrnes stepped onto the bridge and made his way to the engineering station, plopping down and tapping keys. He had a bit of smudge on his face from carbon in the air, the soot from welding and repair details leaving a light film on his face. His protective goggles still hung around his neck. "All flight systems ready, Cap'm."

After a hearty breakfast and some early morning exercises, Green was now showered and ready for duty when she stepped onto the bridge, going directly to the tactical post. Tapping the communication keys while also bringing up the log of what the Skipper had said just before her arrival, Ro contacted dock control and informed them that the Tigris was preparing to leave drydock.

David Skii was smiling when he exerted the Turbolift and made his way to the Operations chair located up front next to the helm control. He gave Ro a quick smile and nod as he walked by. He took his seat an started double checking making sure everything was ready.

Everything was running smoothly in Sickbay and Nikki welcomed a break from the daunting task of creating a training program for Emergency Field Trauma Specialists and assigning qualified staff to be trained. "I'll be on the Bridge," she announced to Mac as she walked out of her office and left Sickbay. A few minutes later she stepped onto the Bridge and took up a spot out of the way of the activity.

Seeing the Doctor come onto the bridge, Green waved her over to her station after giving Skii a nod and smile, keeping the CMO on her left so she could run tactical without hindrance. When the Doc stepped in next to her Ro leaned over to her and said in a low tone. "Once we're free and clear to navigate, Doctor, I'll be heading down for my physical." That said she stood up straight once more and looked to her console.

Nikki smiled. "There'll be someone there to accommodate you, Commander," she said. Then went back to her out of the way position. Unlike a lot of ships' doctors, she enjoyed being on the Bridge. It was exciting to actually see the ship moving through space. Down in Sickbay...unless the ship was hit by enemy fire or collided with an asteroid...movement was undetectable. Besides....this was the beginning of a new adventure. She wanted to be a part of its birth.

As the Doctor stepped away once more, Ro whispered to her, "Gotcha." She went back to her duties.

Hearing the small chat between tactical and Doctor, Taavis tapped keys and fed the sensor data to Operations and Flight Control, leaving it open for other departments to use as they saw fit.

"All non Tigris personnel are off the ship, Captain." Alister reported. "All crew accounted for and on stations."

Those were the words Joe was waiting for. He handed his PADD to a Yoman and looked to the Operations Officer. "Commander Skii release all moreing lines."

David tapped a couple bottons on his console. "All moreing lines have been cleared Captain."

"Commander Green, please open a channel to Spacedock Control." Joe asked.

Tapping the proper keys, Green spoke. "Channel open, Captain."

"Space dock this is USS Tigris, requesting to leave spacedock." Joe said over the communication.

=^= USS Tigris you are cleared for departure. Happy trails. =^= The female voice replied over the speaker.

"Helm reverse thrusters." Joe ordered looking at the view screen. "Once were clear of the dock and ships rotate, 180 degrees port."

"Aye sir, reverse thrusters." Ensign Lane replied.

Slowly the Sovereign class ship pulled away from where it was docked. As she soon as she got far enough away from the other various docked ships she rotated and headed to the two giant doors that were parting for her to go threw and int space. It was graceful to watch the large ship head out of spacedock.

"We've cleared the doors, Captain," announced Green. "Free and clear to navigate, and spacedock says we're on our own now, and good luck." She closed the channel to spacedock.

Joe looked to Sean his current Chief Engineer. "Are we ready for our short warp test?" Joe asked.

Byrnes looked over, his face joyful but his expression professional. "Warp drive is ready and standing by, Sir. Just give the word."

"The word is given." Joe said with a smile. "Helm set course for Pluto training area, Warp one."

It had been a while since Nikki had experienced the jump to warp...the excitement and anticipation of exploration and discovery. This was why she joined Starfleet instead of opening a nice, quiet, peaceful practice at home.

"Course laid in Captain." The Helm Officer replied.

"Let's go." Joe said giving the order in his own way.

As the Tigris made her away from the station the warp nacelles flashed blue and then in a white flash the Tigris was gone.

Nikki watched in awe at the synchronicity of the Bridge crew. Even though most of them had never worked together before they worked together as a single entity. "That's how I want medical to be," she thought, silently, to herself.