Shakedown Take 2 - Final Round Three
by Lieutenant Commander David Skii & Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Captain Joe Boston

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Title   Final Round Three
Author(s)   Lieutenant Commander David Skii & Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Sun May 29, 2016 @ 8:38am
Location   USS Tigris
Timeline   Current

David cought up with Lieutenant Gardner in her quarters. He asked her if he could come in and talk to her about the leak in engineering. She of course let him in and after thanking him again and again for getting them out of engineering she finally got to her story.

"There were three yard workers by the cooling units control panel." Gardner was explaining. "I recognized the one as the supervisor, Allen is his name."

Skii nodded. "I know Allen, he usually doesn't make mistakes."

"It wasn't him tho sir or the other technician." Gardner continued. "It was the other creepy man."

"Creepy man?" David asked indicating further explanation.

"Sorry sir, I called him that because I didn't know his name." Gardner said. "He was always looking at me or staring at me, gave me the creeps."

Skii had a lead, he knew the yard workers would have made the adjustments because the equipment was not turned over to the Tigris crew. He also knew Allen well enough that he was an honest man.

"Lieutenant can you describe and pick out creepy man?" David asked.

After leaving her quarters David tapped his comm badge. "Lieutenant Commander Green and Captain Boston, please meet me in the Conference Room in 30 minutes."

---Snip--- Conference Room

Hearing the summons, Green left what she was doing and made her way to Skii's location, entering and going around the left side of the conference table, looking across that woodgrain expanse at David. "What is it, Skii?"

Before he could reply Joe entered the Conference Room and saw Ro. He walked over and asked. "Any idea why Commander Skii has us here?"

"No, Sir." Green responded. "I arrived just moments before you did." She then looked back to Skii.

"Captain, Commander," David said getting up from his seat. "If you come take a seat with me our guests will be here shortly."

Joe chose a chair becide David and took a seat waiting patiently.

Green went around circumference of the table, and when the Captain chose a chair she sat down beside him, to his left, so as to put herself between the CO and the door that these newcomers would be entering from

David started to explain as he took his seat. "I've been working with the yard Supervisor, Allen Dent, long enough that we respect each other. With his help he is bringing the man I believe responsible for the coolant leak on Tigris."

Joe smiled. "And with some time to spare. Well done Commander, how did you get him to admit that he did it?"

David lowered his head. "Well that's the thing Captain, I did not. As soon as Allen introduced me to him and I started asking some questions he got his union representative AND a lawyer." David turned to Ro. "This is where I need your help Commander Green."

Stepping to a wall station, Green tapped in her Security Chief codes and brought up the feed she had recorded and broke down from the internal sensors. She paused it at the beginning. "This is a recording of what occurred in engineering, and the the individual that caused it. Both of you have a copy of that report sent to you, along with the recordings. If this Allen knows who this is, then it would then fall to him as to punishment, unless the Captain chooses to press Starfleet charges since this is his command."

David smiled and was going to say something when the doors opened. 4 men entered the room 2 wearing ship yard uniforms, 2 in suits one grey the other blue.

David looked at the other men and said. "So happy you finally could join us. Allen is all this really be necessary?"

The tall slender man in the ship yard uniform sighed. His blue eyes looked around, almost looking for an escape. He ran his fingers threw his blond hair before answering. "Sorry David it protocol."

David stood. "Bull! Protocol or not, your worker Ryan, almost killed an entire department and himself!"

"Allegedly" The man in the grey suit replied dryly. "Nothing's been proven."

Now it was Joe's turn to stand up. "I'm sure what Lieutenant Commander Skii is saying is that we would like to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible."

"Thank you for being the voice of reason, Captain." The man in the blue suit added in.

"I'm sorry you are?" Joe asked.

"Daniel Ridder, Union rep for the shipyard." Daniel replied. "And this is Sam Willams legal advisor." He said addressing the man in grey.

"Why don't we all take a seat and get started." Joe suggested.

They all sat down except David. He gently grabbed Ro's shoulder and leaned in so only she could hear. "That overweight, lazy bastard started the whole mess. His name is Matt Ryan. Do what you do best." David the winked at her and took his seat.

"So how can we help you?" Sam asked. While Matt Ryan sat in his seat.

Green had watched the interplay go back and forth before it finally wound down. Going over next to her Captain she then looked at the four visitors as she got in front of her chair. "I am Captain Boston's legal advisor. Lieutenant Commander Ro Green, Chief of Security." She then promptly sat down, tapping keys on a PADD so the triangular threeway screen in the middle of the table came to life, with the recording paused at the beginning. "This is a recording of the reactor coolant leak. Where it was, when exactly--with time stamps, and who was responsible." She slid her PADD to the middle of the table, for all to reach if they wanted to. "See for yourself. I would strongly advise that you allow Commander Skii to continue until finished." She then gave David a nod.

"Computer begin playback." David said standing once again. "As you notice Lieutenant Gardner come into view giving you the PADD with the pressure reading." David let the video play for a moment. "Gardner hands the PADD of to you Allen, Computer pause play back." The computer beeped and the image froze. "Now Allen this is the point where you tell Matt to pump down the pressure correct."

Allen looked over at the Legal Advisor before ansewring. Only after a nod did he speak. "Yes. I told Matt to turn down the pressure."

"Computer, resume play back." The computer started playing again. "Now we see you give the order as the Lieutenant walks away." Suddenly David snapped. "Pause playback. What do you see?" David asked everyone.

Everyone was confused or didn't want to say anything.

"What we're looking at is the image a few moments before the over pressurization." David explained.

Still sitting up in her chair, back straight while her arms rested on the table, Green spoke up. "It shows this Matt fellow, hand up and finger poised while his eyes get distracted by the Lieutenant's arse. And beyond that, he then held it pressed to the key pad much longer than needed to be for jacking down pressure, due to his distraction. The pressure became so severe that it cracked a pipe thought to be impossible to rupture." She then stopped and waited.

The lawyer and the union rep looked at each other then Sam looked to Ro. "Isn't it possible that the pipe just ruptured due to the pressure. Me Ryan's actions had nothing to do with it."

David snapped back. "Your really trying to get out of this?! After I saved your ass! Take responsibility!!"

"Mr Skii your constant outbursts are unnecessary and a distraction. Captain I asked that this man be dismissed." Sam spat back.

Joe sat and watched and took a moment before he spoke. "Commander Skii is not going anywhere."

"Captain you can't....." Sam never got to finish his sentence.

"I can!" Joe snapped standing up. "Commander Skii's actions saved people's lives that day. Your mans put them at risk on MY ship. I have a duty to protect them along with this vessel." Joe lowered his tone a tad. "Here's what's going to happen, Commander Ro is going to take all this to Starfleet."

They all tried to protest.

"I'm not done." Joe said shutting them up. "I'm also going to include a memo from myself stating that instead of disciplining your employee you tried to clear him. I'm also going to include my current Chief Engineers report that the materials you used are out of date."

Joe then turned to David and Ro. "We're done here Commanders. You four can now get off my ship."

With that the three of them left the room. Leaving the other four to think about their actions and the very bleak future.

----Snip - Later

Joe had already exited for the Turbolift heading for his quarters.

David turned to Ro. "So what will happen to them?" He asked.

"Short term," said Green. "They'll get a serious ass chewing from the uppity-ups, then move on. Long term, I am thinking a few job positions will be on the line. Not only that, but the Starfleet Corps of Engineers will be looking over their shoulder for years to come. An embarrassment for the civil service." She shook David's hand, then slapped his arm playfully. "See? We make a good team. Glad we worked out our bullshit." Ro tapped the monitors to clear and standby, and then took up her PADD from the table.

David smiled at her and pushed her shoulder pack. "Yes we do and the bullshit was your fault." He tried not to smile but cults not help it.

Doing some shadow boxing Jeet Kun Do moves, Ro danced around him giggling, then to the door which slid open at her presence. Not missing a step she stuck her tongue out at him. "Last out gets to write the report about," says Green as she slipped out, and then from a few paces away down the hall, "Ding!" Just as the doors hissed shut.

Rolling his eyes David walked to the door and it opened. "You know taking a head start is cheating."

Knowing he would follow, always trying to get the last word, Green quickly ducked into a maintenance niche, out of sight from his angle and hid. 1...2...3...

David looked to the right and then the left. "Huh looks like I'm writing a report." David said to himself seeing as Ro had disappeared.

Peeking out, seeing Skii's back to her momentarilty, Green stepped out and walked up behind him and passed him, saying, "Never underestimate the sneakiness." As he spun right and left to see where she had come from she kept going. "I'll send my half of the report to you shortly. Bye, now." This time she turned a corner and actually went down the hall and away.