Shakedown Take 2 - typical engineer, meets the ship first
by Lieutenant Sean Byrnes

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Title   typical engineer, meets the ship first
Author(s)   Lieutenant Sean Byrnes
Posted   Sat May 21, 2016 @ 11:48pm
Location   various
Timeline   current

Whistling random tunes as he walked through the corridors of spacedock, Sean Patrick Byrnes had pep in his step as he headed for the Tigris gangway. It had been hard to say goodbye to all his friends at Utopia Planetia, five years of working with them daily, but the opportunity to serve aboard a starship as CEO had been an easy choice to accept. Especially on a Sovereign class. He could not wait to get his hands all over her ample nacelles, and with that thought his whistling was interrupted by a grin which he shook off with a chuckle and kept walking. Turning this way and that, finally approaching the gangway entrance, Byrnes stopped at the security checkpoint. "Hi, fellas. Need to get cleared to board."

"Are you a transfer, Lieutenant?"

Sean didn't bat an eye before responding. "Nope. I always wander around with a full duffle bag on my shoulder." The other security bloke gave a laugh. "Yes, Ensign, I am assigned to the Tigris. Here," he said, handing over his PADD with orders. They checked it against their own records, then handed the PADD back as they explained he was now listed as aboard and ready for duty. "Thanks, fellas. Have a good one."

Going around the checkpoint as directed, Byrnes walked through the gangway, reaching the open hatch/airlock for the Tigris. He stopped. Looking down he saw the pressure seal between ship and dock, the step-over to being aboard. With a slow step Sean boarded the Tigris, and as he did so he closed his eyes and took in the feeling. Finally, he thought, a ship assignment. He would miss his Bajoran girlfriend, but they both knew that eventually this would happen for either of them, so had agreed to call it off on the romance level, deciding a close friendship was better. Now aboard, Byrnes went down the corridor and found a lift, ordering it down to the warp engineering deck, and his quarters.


Entering his cabin, which was just as big as his quarters had been on Planetia, Sean dropped his bag in the bedroom then exited, wanting to see main engineering. Walking in through the arch where the double doors would close in the event of an emergency lockdown, Byrnes walked up to the pool table and stopped, placing his hands on his hips like a king before his subjects as he looked at the warp core. It was thrumming with power, the light effects pulsing to show it was active and deadly, if not handled correctly.


The voice brought Byrnes out of his reverie, dropping his hands to his sides as he blinked a few times and looked to his right, seeing an Ensign with a large PADD in hand. "Hello, Ensign. Lieutenant Sean Byrnes, CEO."

"I just got the orders sent, Sir. Welcome aboard," said the Ensign.

"Thank you," responded Sean. "She's a beaut, Ensign...?" He did a rolling motion with a finger up, wanting the officer to fill in the last part.

"Oh...right. Ensign Wil Graf, Sir. I was acting CEO, trying to put the pieces back together after..."

Byrnes put a hand up to stop him from talking. "Putting the pieces back together? What happened? I did notice there was a shortage of active bodies in here right now. Fess up."

"We had a reactor coolant leak, Sir." Graf looked like he wanted to crawl into a dark hole and just disappear, but he held his ground, bracing for the onslaught.

"What?" Byrnes rubbed a hand down his face in consternation before looking back to the man. "Not even here five damn minutes, and shit is broke. Do you know how hard it is to fracture a heat transfer pipe? They are designed with a triple-layered unbreakable matrix, and those types of leaks are supposed to be impossible."

Graf swallowed hard before answering. "I know, Sir. Security has locked down Engineering for now, only allowing authorized crew within."

"Yeah, I discovered that with the two jack-boots out in the hall," sighed out Byrnes, the cynicism apparent. "Okay, okay, lemme get a handle on this. Are all reports filed with maintenance and repairs..." His voice trailed off as he saw the look on Graf's face, like the guy had more bad news. "What is it?"

"I...uhmm...Commander Green ordered the damaged section to be left as is until her investigation is complete, Sir." Wil was petrified, not knowing what to expect.

Another long sigh, then Byrnes stepped closer to the main console, slightly bending over it as he began to tap keys as he spoke. "So be it. That is her prerogative, since we are docked in the most secure location in all of the Federation, and some turd blossom caused a rupture. I hope she finds the jackass, because when she gets done with him, then it's my turn. How many of our people were wounded in the mishap? Wait," another hand up motion. "I'll read it myself." Searching a database, Sean found what he was looking for, and doing a bit of speed reading, located what he was looking for. "Says here you are a general engineer, a 'jack-all' when it comes to understanding ship systems."

"Aye, Sir." Said Graf, his fear starting to dissolve as his pride began to take over. "I am always pushing myself to excel, so I stay up-to-date on all engineering articles and writings, not to mention new tech."

"How long you been an ensign, Ensign," asked Byrnes, starting to grin.

Graf grinned in return. "Roughly three years, give or take a month or two."

Byrnes gave a curt nod at that. "Good to know, Lieutenant JG, Graf. This is a field promotion until approved by Starfleet. They will get my recommendation, Wil. I need an assistant who has been on board since the Tigris was brought back online. You up for that?"

"Absolutely, Sir!"

"Okay," Sean replied, the grin now at full. "Carry on then, Lieutenant."

Graf nodded in acknowledgement, then walked away, towards the replicator so as to create his new black pip. Byrnes watched him go, seeing the spine a little straighter, the shoulders a bit more squared. A man determined to show he had earned the pip, and would continue to do so. "Alright, baby, let's see what has been happening with your innards," said Byrnes to the ship as he brought up the engineering reports.