Shakedown Take 2 - The Round and Round
by Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Captain Joe Boston & Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Lieutenant Commander David Skii

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Title   The Round and Round
Author(s)   Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Captain Joe Boston & Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Lieutenant Commander David Skii
Posted   Mon May 23, 2016 @ 12:52pm
Location   various
Timeline   current
Tag   Skii, Beckett, Boston, Green


It had taken the clean up crew approximately one and a half hours to scrub the radiation from the engineering spaces. The density had been minimal except for the section directly related to the rupture, which was still under Security lockdown. Entering main engineering with the ensign she had been using as her liaison, Green stepped to the 'pool table', the large console-pedestal for observing all in engineering with but a glance and a few key taps. "Ensign, in all the rush I forgot my manners," she said, "What's your name?"

"Wil Graf," he responded.

Green gave a smirk. "Don't tell me, Wil is short for Wilhelm?" Ro used the V instead of W sound when she said the first name.

"That's affirmative," chuckled Graf. "German born, but raised all over the place. Worked hard to lose my accent, but it still shows when I am flustered or angry."

"Mister Graf, as the Department Head of Security," explained Green. "I am appointing you as acting chief in engineering. I'll take the hits for it, so no worries. Make sure you correspond directly with the XO, as per regulations, since they are in charge of departments without leadership until the posts are filled."

"I..uhh..okay," responded Graf, taken aback by that. He suddenly looked very nervous.

Ro came around the pool table, facing the younger officer. "Look, you know these systems and this engine room. When I stepped in everyone was looking at you before I arrived. That means something...that they trust your judgement. I can't officially make you CEO, not my place to do so, but right now we need direction down here, and so, I am appointing you director until one is assigned. It's also a good experience for anyone wanting to aspire to the post. Do you agree to play shift leader and supervisor?"

Graf's anxious face slowly disappeared as she spoke, replaced by a look of determination. He stood up a bit taller. "Yes, Sir. I'll do my best."

"That's all I ask, Ensign," said Green with a smile. "Confidence, Mister. Just don't let it grow into arrogance. I need to meet with the Captain and those involved in this mess, so I will leave you to it. Again, keep any repair crews away from the rupture, as per Security regulations." With that said Green turned and left the engine room.

Within a few minutes Ro arrived back on the bridge, and saw the Captain still there, doing his own thing at a console. She spoke as she approached, so as not to startle him. "Captain," getting in next to him. "We had a rupture in engineering, reactor coolant, and it was pretty bad. Medical has been informed of the type of coolant so they can better aid their patients."

"Yes I was informed by ship yard supervisors." Joe said his tone had anger behind it. He continued working the engineering console. "I've informed Starfleet of the problem as well. So far I've head no casualties?"

"Not as far as I know, Sir." Ro kept glancing at the engineering console while speaking. "If I overstepped my position, Captain, I take full responsibility. I put an Ensign Wil Graf in charge of engineering, for now. When I got there to lend a hand they were all looking to him anyway, so I just set it up so they can all work without hindrance. I reminded him to make progress reports with the XO, as if the Exec was the department head, until a CEO was assigned." Waiting a moment for him to digest that, Green continued. "There are armed security teams at all entrances and exits to warp engineering, and all personnel must be cleared before entering. With a rupture of this magnitude while in spacedock, I cannot rule out sabotage, Sir. The engineers are leaving the damaged area as is until the investigation is complete."

"No not at all. It was a judgement call and a good one. Mr Skii was filling in overlooking engineering and with him down there really was no one filling in the void." Joe replied and then turned to Ro. "As soon as that mess is cleaned up I need a full report right away. Starfleet wants us out of spacedock."

"I will be expedient, Captain. I'll head to sickbay and interview Mister Skii." With that said, Green walked into the closest lift.


"Doc....Mr. Skii is waking up," a nurse passing by David's cubicle called out.

Nikki, who was releasing another victim of the coolant spill, waved her acknowledgement. As soon as she finished she went into David's cubicle and walked over to the side of his bed. As soon as he opened his eyes, she smiled down at him and said, "hi there, sleepy head. How do you feel?"

"Like I've been asleep too long." David replied. "How long have I been out?"

"Only an hour," Nikki said.

"I need to get back to work." David said.

Nikki pulled out her bioscanner and set it to audio. She listened to his lungs then put it away. "Do me a favor. If you go back to Engineering wear a mask. And get everyone else down there to as well. At least until the air is clean," she said. "Here," she said, handing him a folded uniform. "I had QM bring one up for you."

"Thanks I appreciate that." David said taking the new uniform. "If everyone is following protocol then the air is already safe."

"Just be careful," Nikki said and left the cubicle to let David get dressed.

Green, after leaving the Captain, made her way to Medical, entering sickbay. Looking this way and that, seeing all the engineers on biobeds being tended to or being readied for release. Seeing the office of the CMO, with the door locked open, Ro made her way to it and then knocked on the doorjamb. "Doctor Beckett, I'm Lieutenant Commander Green, Security Chief for Tigris. May I come in?"

"Of course," Nikki said, looking up. "What can I do for you, Commander?"

Green came inside, shaking hands briefly, then to business. "A pleasure, Doc. Anyway, I was wondering if Commander Skii was available for a chat. I have not checked on the status of those wounded by the coolant rupture, so I came to ask if that interview would be allowed."

"You'll have to hurry and catch him," Nikki said, sitting back down. "I just released him and he was getting dressed. The others have been released as well and everyone seems gung ho about getting back to work."

"Shit!" Ro did not try and contain her frustration at hearing that. "Damn it!" She gave a light, quick open palm strike to the wall, then glanced at the Doctor. "Thank you for your assistance. I should have posted security in here too." Regaining her composure as quickly as she had lost it, Green nodded. "I figured you could give me my physical while I interview Mister Skii, but it can wait until later." She stormed out of the office, into sickbay, seeing the privacy cubicles. "Commander Skii. I am Commander Green, Security Chief, I need to talk to you, please." She then waited to see if a response would be forthcoming.

Nikki had followed the Security Chief as she didn't want her harassing her patients. She leaned against the cubicle partition with her hands shoved in her labcoat pocket.

David watched the Doctor come in and he also knew that look in her eyes. "Relax Doc, she's just doing her job. Standard protocol when things like this happen." David flashed her a smile.

Nikki smiled back but remained where she was.

"Commander Green, if you want we can go down to engineering and I'll take you step by step of what happened and my actions." David said knowing getting out of sick bay would help all parties.

Catching the grin between Beckett and Skii, Green chose to ignore it. Her mind had already filed it away in her memory for any later considerations. "Thank you, Commander Skii. We could do that, or you can just give me a rundown of what happened with as much detail as you can remember. Reactor coolant is nasty stuff, so I know you might not be back up to snuff just yet. I need the names of all personnel in the vicinity of the rupture, as well." Looking at Beckett. "My apologies, Doctor, for my intensity. Skii, here, is not who I seek," then a slight grin appeared with a glint in her eye as she took them both in. "Unless, of course, he is the one responsible for this mess."

"Accusations will get you no where fast." David replied taking a serious yet calm tone. "I'm not exactly sure how many investigations you've run but when dealing with yard workers you even look at them wrong they will tie you up with layers and union representatives. It will be a year before you actually get to talk to them." David decided it was his turn now and took a few steps up to Ro. He looked into her eyes with an intense gaze. "I also suggest you tone it down, what you call intensity, I call arrogance. You've been on this ship all of 5 minutes and think you know everything. Guess what you don't. This is sick bay not an interrogation room. I am one hundred percent, my mind clear. I'm ready to answer any and all questions you have and take you exactly through what happened. You say I'm not the one your looking for? Guess what... it was my order that started the whole mess. I'm currently in charge of operations AND engineering. I should be the first person you are speaking to. Do we have an understanding?"

Green stepped up toe to toe. "Yes, we do, Mister Skii. This vessel suffered damage while INSIDE space dock, so don't patronize me. MY Security protocols dictate an investigation into possible sabotage. You want by the book, then fine, we'll go that route. We are equals, Lieutenant Commander, and speaking down to me is insulting. YOU are the arrogant one! If the Tigris stays docked for six months while I investigate, so be it, that is what will be happen. Until I get to the bottom of this, and those responsible for either negligence or sabotage are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, I will leave it open." Mocking this gentleman's tone she asked the same question he did. "Do we have an understanding?" She cocked her head. "Didn't feel good, did it? I asked you to step out here and have a talk about what happened, not try and tell me how to do my job. Be glad it wasn't plasma coolant, it would have liquefied you where you stood. Heat transfer lines don't just burst, so there is at least negligence here, Commander. Wouldn't you agree?" She took a half step back, trying to ease down the confrontation.

Nikki took her hands out of her pockets and held them up in a 'stop' gesture. "Ok...enough," she said, firmly. "There are other sick people in here and I won't have this kind of pissing contest in MY Sickbay," she said, calmly but adamantly. To Green she said, quietly, "maybe no one has ever told you...but you catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. I suggest you leave you Billy Bad Ass attitude out in space because there is no place for it on a ship."

Green looked to the Doctor. "Pardon me for doing my duty, Doctor. Would you stop in the middle of surgery just because others said you are working too hard at saving a life? I think not. Your intensity and determination are dictated by who you are, as is mine. Apologies to you both. I will find my own answers." With that said Ro walked towards the exit, then stopped and looked back. "Commander Skii, for the record, I was trying to be funny when I said what I did about you being responsible. I'm sorry you missed that and this got out of hand. Good day to you both." She left.