Shakedown Take 2 - Temporary Assignments
by Captain Joe Boston & Lieutenant Commander Tybek & Lieutenant Commander Alister McKeon

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Title   Temporary Assignments
Author(s)   Captain Joe Boston & Lieutenant Commander Tybek & Lieutenant Commander Alister McKeon
Posted   Mon May 23, 2016 @ 2:26pm
Location   Captains Ready Room
Timeline   Current
Tag   Boston, McKeon
Joe read the message from Starfleet and then tapped his comm badge. "Boston to McKeon, please report to my ready room."

While Joe waited he started working on a PADD.

Alister glanced up from his desk, as the call came over his comm badge, =^=On my way, Captain.=^= With a nod to his second, as he walked out of his section he made his way to the Captain's Ready Room, pushing the admittance chime.

Joe looked at the door and simply said. "Come in."

"You wanted to see me," he said sliding into the seat in front of the Captain's desk.

Joe handed the PADD to Alister. "Starfleet is tired of us being in space dock." Joe stated. "We're to gather what crew we can and head out. Until Mr. Tybek returns from Vulcan you are acting XO."

Alister took the PADD raising an eyebrow as he read the display, in front of him, "Can't say cooling my heels is my favorite thing to do in Starfleet."

Joe smiled. "Think your ready to handle it?"

Alister looked up and nodded, "I can handle it, been awhile since I've pulled bridge duty, but it's all still up there," he said putting to his head.

"Excilent". Joe said getting up. "Computer" Joe waited for the affirmative beep. "Command protocol Boston 1, Lieutenant Commander Alister McKeon is now acting Excutive Officer. Authorization, Boston, Two, Two, Seven."

=^= Authorization comfirmed, awaiting acting Exeutive Officer autorization code =^= the computer replied.

"McKeon, Three, Zero, Three," Alister said in response to the computer's prompt. The computer gave a final beep and a last affirmative message that his code had been accepted.

Joe looked at Alister. "Now that is done have your connections heard anything along the Federatikn border?"

"The Romulans are still having internal issues, a few of the Klingon houses are making noises about expansion," he shrugged his shoulders, "At the moment, I would most concerned about some of the other powers making a move on the Romulans while they're distracted and weakened. The Romulans haven't done themselves any favors in the past, and a score of worlds have grudges to settle. The Dominion and Cardassians are quiet, and still are recovering from the war." He snorted lightly, "To be honest Starfleet's still recovering from the war, we're spread thinner than most realize, both in terms of ships and crews."

Joe nodded in agreement. "The war took a toll on everyone. It's probably why Starfleet is hell bent on getting us back out there. Well XO let's get ship and crew ready." Joe stood up. "Shall we?"

"Let's see what space has to offer," Alister said standing up from the chair and following the Captain out onto the bridge.