Shakedown Take 2 - Stepping in/Security concern
by Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green

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Title   Stepping in/Security concern
Author(s)   Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green
Posted   Thu May 19, 2016 @ 3:13pm
Location   main engineering
Timeline   current

Once she left the bridge and stepped into the lift, Green ordered it to Security, relying on the computer to designate deck and section by her simple command. It began to move when there was a sudden tremor that seemed to cascade through the entire ship. "Hold lift!" The lift stopped, and then came the general alarm. "Computer, source of the alarm?"

"Engineering. Over-pressurization in the reactor coolant system has caused a rupture."

Ro tapped a key on the lift panel. "Engineering!"


Once the lift had deposited her on the deck for main engineering Green broke into a run and rounded the bend, and a corner, arriving just outside of the main double doors. There were a dozen individuals in the gold of the Operations Division standing around debating a course of action. "Report," she barked, stepping up to them.

"We've ran a bypass, Commander," explained an ensign. "The leak is no longer an issue, but we have personnel in sickbay being tended to. We're deciding on the best course of action to resolve it."

"Fair enough," said Green. "Here's how we'll proceed. First thing, get some people into suits and begin a radiation scrub of all decks that were effected by the gas. Reactor coolant is nasty, caustic stuff, with radiation as a backup if your eyes and lungs don't get burned. Move!" As the assembled group began to shuffle about to see to her orders, Ro tapped her combadge. "Medical, Commander Green. The coolant leak was reactor coolant. Radiation exposure for all effected is a guarantee. Out." She tapped her badge again. "Security, Commander Green. I want teams placed at all entrances and exits for warp engineering, armed, phasers set to stun. All personnel entering or exiting will be scrutinized until further notice."

A male voice came through. "Acknowledged, Commander Green. Lieutenant Jonas Grey, responding. I'm curious, Sir, why the Security lockdown?"

Green did not sigh in frustration, nor did she make any motions denoting a foolish question, merely explaining. "Mister Grey, this is a starship at Earth, docked INSIDE space dock, and yet, we have suffered an explosion in engineering. Until we know more and investigate, I cannot dismiss possible sabotage. Follow my orders, Lieutenant. Green out."

Grabbing the ensign she had spoken to previously, Ro looked him in the eyes with a seriousness that would brook no arguments. "Ensign, inform the engineers that they are NOT to make repairs to the damaged section of the coolant lines. Secure it, make it safe for personnel, but do not repair anything in that area. Got it?"

The ensign nodded, his eyes a bit fearful with this woman's intense gaze boring into him. "Got is, Sir."

Releasing the arm and giving it a pat for reassurance, Green eased back on her intensity. "Good man. Get it done, please." Stepping away and accessing a monitor, Green brought up the internal sensors for engineering, inputting her codes as Security Chief, and watched the personnel in suits working diligently to rid the spaces of radiation. It could take an hour or two, depending on the density, but she could wait. Tapping keys she looked to where the leak had come from, and saw that the engineers were cleaning up the affected area, but the line was being left as is. Good. That's where she would start once the spaces were declared safe. She swore to herself that someone would pay for this.