Shakedown Take 2 - Medical Emergency Engineering
by Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Lieutenant Commander David Skii

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Title   Medical Emergency Engineering
Author(s)   Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Lieutenant Commander David Skii
Posted   Wed May 18, 2016 @ 10:30am
Location   Main Engineering & Sickbay
Timeline   1330 Hours - MD 3

David Skii was tired and wanted to shower. He had been dealing with the ship yard personnel all day. It wasn't that he didn't like them he didn't like what they were doing on this ship.

"They assume every ship runs the same." He told the tall ensign standing in front of him holding a PADD. "Tell them that the injectors run at this pressure, and if they have a problem with it come see me."

The ensign nodded and went about his duty and a Lieutenant was handing him a PADD.

David hardly looked at her as he went over the readings. "Tell them to reduce the cooling pressure. It is way too high, the engines are not even running. Why is the cooling system on?"

"Tests and diagnostics sir." She replied. "I will have them adjust the pressure immediately."

David nodded as she headed to the upper level of Engineering. He looked around for the next question but found there were none.

"Finally." David said to himself. "I can get my work done." How he missed a chief engineer.

The Lieutenant told the yard workers David orders and agreed. They instructed one of their fellow workers to cut the pressure. Distracted by the young woman who had a nice rear end the worker mistakenly raised the pressure. The new piping that was installed held for a moment. Then in an instant it cracked and then shattered.

Alarms in engineering went off.

David dropped everything he was doing as he recognized the alarm. He quickly tapped his comm badge. "Cooling leak!! Everyone evacuate engineering!!"

He moved back over to the main console and quickly shut the system down. People were running from engineering and coughing. The gas is irritating but not deadly unless your standing in a cloud of it. It displaces oxygen and you feel like your being smothered.

David looked up at the cloud that had formed in the upper level of engineering. It was starting to float down. He too started to cough.

"Computer, isolate engineering. No one in allow access out. Shut down ventilation supply. Exhaust fans to maximum!" David ordered between coughs.

The computer beeped in the affirmative, David saw the tall Ensign from earlier coughing badly. "Willams!! Did everyone get out?"

He could only cough but stopped long enough to groan and shake is head no. David knew there were people trapped.

"Get him out of here and to sick bay!" David said to help that was arriving. He started hyperventilating his lungs, taking a big inhale as he could he climbed up into the cloud.

Holding his breath he knew he only had about 2 minutes max to look for anyone. Exhaling very very slowly as he worked he tripped on the lieutenant he had just given orders to. Grabbing an arm he dragged her over to a ladder and was just about to throw her down when he heard a faint cough. He saw one of the yard workers, the one who caused the leak laying by a console. He quickly dragged the Lieutenant to him, knowing this was going to hurt he did it anyway.

David tapped his comm badge. "Skii to transporter, 3 to sick bay now."

It would be that last words he could say, he was out of air, coughing up a lung and passing out.


"INCOMING!" a corpsman called out as three people materialized on biobeds.

Nikki rushed out of her office as several nurses and a physician's mate hurried over to the patients.

Mac moved from one to the other, using a medi-scanner to do a quick assessment of their condition. Looking at the PM she simply pointed to the patient in the middle. "Yellow," she said then pointed to the first patient. "Yellow." She moved over to Skii and quickly scanned his body. Without hesitation she called out, "red!" and, immediately hooked him up to oxygen.

As the PM began treating the two other patients, Nikki grabbed a bio-scanner and set it for a thoracic scan. "He's got a collapsed lung," she said and grabbed a pair of scissors off of the nearby utility tray which she used to cut Skii's shirt and expose the side of his chest with the collapsed lung.

Without being told, Mac grabbed a chest tube tray from the cabinet and opened it, spreading the contents on Skii's abdomen.

Nikki poured disinfectant over Skii's chest and Mac handed her a laser scalpel. Nikki made a small incision between his fifth and sixth rib and held out her hand. Mac took the scalpel from Nikki and handed her the chest tube and Nikki inserted it into the incision and advanced it until she heard air escape through the tube then she and Mac both looked at the biobed monitor and watched his respirations normalize and his oxygenation increase. With a sigh of relief, Nikki, once again, scanned Skii's chest. With the pressure gone from his chest cavity his lung had begun to re-inflated..

Mac was impressed and said, "nice job, boss."

"Give him 5 CCs Dexalin," Nikki said as she used a dermal-regenerator to seal up the incision around the chest tube. "I want to leave this in until his lung is fully inflated."

"On it," Mac said and hurried off to prepare a hypospray.

Nikki checked Skii's pupils for sign of him coming around. They were equal and reactive and she expected him to regain consciousness at any time, now that he could breath easier. She looked over at the other two patients and saw that their burns and asphyxiation were being treated and both were beginning to show signs of improvement.

Mac came back with the hypospray and administered the medication to Skii as Nikki checked him for other injuries. Once the Dexalin was administered, she began to clean up the area.

Nikki looked down at her patient and saw color coming back to his face. She placed one hand on his and, gently, rubbed his arm to keep him calm as he regained consciousness.

David felt groggy, his eyes didn't focus at first. He groaned and tried to get up.

"Whoa....easy there," Nikki said, gently pushing David back against the pillow. "You need to lie back and relax. You have a tube in your chest and I don't want you to puncture the lung I just inflated," she said, softly, her hand remaining on his shoulder for both comfort and in case he tried to sit up again.

"Well hello beautiful." David said in a hoarse voice. "I've finally died and gone to heaven."

Nikki shook her head and chuckled. "Well...if heaven is my Sickbay then yes," she said with a warm smile. "But I am definitely no angel," she said with a wink as she used the bio-scanner to check to make sure he hadn't done any damage when he tried to sit up.

"Sick bay?!?!?" David said finally realizing where he was and what happened. "Did Everyone get out?" He asked sitting up.

"Relax," Nikki said, soothingly. "Yes. There are a few with congestion from whatever you guys were breathing down there but you are the worst off."

As two more engineers came in coughing, Nikki turned to the PM and said, "put those two on inhaled Pulmozine...3% and I want pictures of their lungs."

"Yes, Doctor," the PM said and he hurried to the aid of the two new patients.

"First things first," Nikki said. "I'm Dr. Beckett. And you are?"

"Skii, David Skii. Chief Operations Officer." He replied with a weak smile. God he hated feeling like this.

"Can you sit up a little for me, David?" Nikki said, helping him to sit up. She set her bio-scanner on audio and placed it against his back. "Take a deep breath for me," she said, moved the scanner to the other side and said, "again." She helped him lie back down and asked, "are you in any pain?"

David nodded yes. It was the first time he could remember telling the truth about being in pain. "It feels like my lungs are on fire."

"Ok, try and relax," Nikki said, softly. "Mac get me 4 CCs Trioxin and 2 CCs Bicaridine," she said as she hooked up the medicine filled nebulizer and handed the mask to David. His pain was making him shiver so she steadied his hand with hers. "I want you to breath in the vapors. Takes as deep a breath as you can. You're going to be alright. This will help you breath easier," she said soothingly.

David tried calming himself. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths, unfortunately coughing after everyone.

Mac came with two hypo sprays and administered the first one. "This is for your breathing and...," she had to wait for him to cough.

It's OK," Nikki soothed. "Cough it out,' she encouraged, softly, holding a towel for him to spit in if he coughed anything up.

He took the towel and coughed into it. He wasn't coughing anything up but he knew it quieted his cough and actually did not hurt as much.

When the coughing fit settled down, Mac gave David the other medication. "This will help with the pain," she informed him.

"Give the same to the others," Nikki said to Mac. Then she turned her attention back to her patient, checking to make sure he hadn't moved his chest tube during his coughing fit.

The coughing subsided, finally. David felt woozy, whatever the doctor gave him for the pain was kicking in. He tried to talk but the words weren't coming out. "Wa....wa....water." He finally managed.

Nikki grabbed a bottle of water from the nearby cabinet and opened it. She raised David's shoulders up with one arm under him and steadied his trembling hand with the other. "Slowly....easy," she spoke softly.

He drank a sip as instructed. The cool water actually tasted better then synthehol right now. He took another sip and could finally clear his throat. "How bad of a shape are we in Doc?" David asked her.

"Your people are doing good. Better than you," Nikki said. "You can worry about your section later. Right now I just want you to relax." She replaced the nebulizer mask over his nose and mouth and eased him back down, raising the level of the bed so he was sitting up more. "Breath the vapors, David. Get as much of the medication into your lungs as possible. You're going to be alright." She did another audible scan and his lungs sounded clearer. "Much better," she said. "That lung is almost 100%. You're doing great. Concentrate. I'm right here. You're doing fine."

Normally he would have told the Doctor that he knows how to breath. David was in no condition or mood to be his quick witted self. He took deep breaths as instructed and laid back.

As his breathing improved, Nikki watched her patient finally begin to relax. When he no longer coughed from the nebulizer, she shut down the compressor and removed the mask. The look of panic was no longer in his eyes so she did another visual scan of his lung and decided to remove the chest tube. "Ok, David. This will probably hurt a little," she said. "I want you to exhale....take a deep breath and let it out slowly."

"Sure Doc." David replied he knew what was coming and was happy to have the piece of plastic tubing out of his chest. He took a deep, deep breath.

As David, exhaled, she, gently, pulled the tube out with one hand and, quickly, covered the incision with a pad with her other hand. She looked at David to make sure he was tolerating the procedure and then she used the dermal-regenerator to close the incision. When she was done she pulled the blanket over him and said, "all done. How do you feel?"

His breathing back to normal, the pain medication in full effect David grinned. "I feel tired." He closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. In moments he was snoring

Nikki used a clean cloth to wipe the sweat from David's face, as she made sure his vitals remained within normal limits then she dimmed the cubicle lights, grabbed his chart and went to check on the progress of the others who had come in from Engineering.

Once order had been restored to the main suite of Sickbay, Nikki instructed Mac to tell her when David woke up, then she went into her office to complete his chart. "They're a good team," she said, aloud, to her herself, as she sat down at her desk and looked out at her busy staff. "A damn good team."