Shakedown Take 2 - Coming aboard
by Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Captain Joe Boston

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Title   Coming aboard
Author(s)   Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green & Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Thu May 19, 2016 @ 2:19pm
Location   various
Timeline   current

Sitting in the tactical seat just behind the pilot's chair, on a Danube class runabout, Ro Green was leaning back and reading a PADD. The contents of her reading was the USS Tigris and the crew manifest. A Sovereign class, the Tigris would be immense, and she was stoked about that. Though it carried civilians like most ships these days, it was nothing compared to the Galaxy class in that regard. Again, she was glad for that. Green did not mind civilians aboard ship, at all, but when the number was too high it made for difficult situations in regards to ship security, taxing the department at times. With a Sovereign class it would mainly be spouses and children of the crew, and if they had been with their Starfleet partner for any length of time, they already knew the drills for getting to sanctioned safe spots when the alert status came up. She felt the slightest bit of inertia and looked up, seeing the streaking stars turn to pinpoints, and dead ahead was a beautiful sight.

"There she is, Commander," announced the lieutenant piloting the vessel.

Green, tucking her PADD into a side pocket on her duffle, stood and stepped forward and around the pilot, standing between the two front seats, looking out. "The USS Tigris." She said this more to herself than to her chauffer, her left hand resting on his seat back. The Tigris, from this angle approaching her starboard side, was magnificent. In her opinion, there was nothing more beautiful and awe inspiring than a starship cruising through space. Well, she thought, except maybe some tanned, almost naked bodies on Risa. Quelling that thought, she turned and picked up her bag, then stepped into the two-person transporter. "Thank you for the ride, Lieutenant. May the solar winds always be at your back. Energize."

The lieutenant gave a nod and smile, then tapped some keys. Within moments Ro appeared in the transporter room aboard the Tigris. After a quick glance around, she then stepped down off the dais for the pads, and stopped as she hit the main deck. "Lieutenant Commander Ro Green, requesting permission to come aboard."

The ensign at the controls gave a nod after referencing the name, and looked up after the internal sensors identified this woman as who she said she was. "Granted, Commander, and welcome aboard."

"Thank you, Ensign," responded Green as she stepped forward, taking the offered PADD and adding her mark to it after the retina scan. Handing his back, Ro then dug her own palm PADD out, accessing the schematics for the Tigris, now networked as a member of the crew. Her quarters were on deck four, the first cabin before the VIP suites in that section. "Have a good day, Ensign." Walking out and finding a turbolift, Ro went to deck four.


Having dropped her bag off in her sizable quarters, Green arrived on the bridge roughly ten minutes after coming aboard. Not seeing the Captain on the bridge, but receiving nods of welcome, she nodded back to those in acknowledgement as she went to the ready room and hit the chime, standing patiently.

Joe looked up at the door as he put his PADD down. He wondered who was next? He met his new Chief Medical Officer, his new squadron leader, marine leader. Engineering was running late as usual. Joe decided on a different approach this time. He got up and answered the door. Pushing the button the doors parted.

"Captain Boston." He said introducing himself. "How may I help you?"

Green glanced up and down the male frame, then brought her eyes back to his, grinning. "Well, Captain Boston, the question is how can I help you, Sir." She extended her right hand. "Lieutenant Commander Rogue Green, assigned as your Security chief. Those who know me call me Ro, Sir."

"Welcome aboard Lieutenant Commander." Joe replied shaking her hand noticing the really firm grip. "What do you think of her?" Joe asked referring to the Tigris.

"Is 'gorgeous' too much?" Green gave a light giggle. "She's a Sovereign, Captain, and has ample beauty. Proud to have been selected to serve aboard such a vessel." Green felt the bridge crew looking at them, hearing them chat like old friends, and did not care. For her, a Captain that could talk to his people one on one was a good leader. Hierarchy and decorum were being obeyed and seen to, and it would take her a while to address him common if given permission. Even then, with the way she was, it was doubtful she ever would. Respect, pure and simple. He had not only earned the rank of Captain, but the position, and that garnered respect no matter how she may feel about the man in the future. "I just came from the Bajoran sector, Deep Space 9, where I was Security assigned to Strategic Operations. I served aboard Defiant and runabouts, so this is a welcome change, Sir."

"We're glad to have you aboard." Joe replied. "So this is your first big ship is it?"

Ro nodded. "I served aboard an Excelsior class way back at the beginning of my career, but it was only a short two years since the ship was scheduled to be decommissioned. But, not to be deterred, I saw it as an exercise in patience."

Joe could see she was eager. Much like him when he was her age. "How would you like to see what she could do?"

"Would love to, Sir." Green gave a crooked smile. "Just as long as you pay the speeding tickets."

Joe led her over to the tatical console. "As you know this is your station. Since we have been spending a lot of time in space dock I had simulation programs installed on the bridge. We can have a single station run a simulation or the whole bridge. The computer calculates scores. Would you like to run one?" Joe asked with a smile.

Ro stepped to the console. "Does a bear poop in the woods? Yes," she grinned.

Joe nodded already Liking her attitude. "Computer ready tactical station simulation 1."

The computer beeped in the afirmiitive. =^= Simulation teady =^=

Joe turned to Ro. "Now only your station and the main viewer will see the simulation. According to your console you'll see the ship move about but obviously we're not going anywhere. Are you ready?"

"Just give the word, Captain," stated Green.

"Computer." Joe said while stepping back. "Run program"

Green waited, the screen changing to the view of herself in a fighter, the squadron running along with her. Ahead, there was a Cardassian fleet of Galor class cruisers. "Break off in elements of three," ordered Ro. "Stay frosty and avoid their incoming fire." She tapped keys and numbered each three fighter element, with herself as Element one. "One and two, we're going straight down their throats. Three and four, sweep around and come in on their flanks." Several fighters were immediately lost, weaving this way and that to avoid the incoming spiral wave cannon fire. Small scout ships from the enemy were also engaged, trying to scramble and pick off each fighter as they opened fire and proceeded forward. Once within the Cardassian fleet things became easier, since they could not fire as accurately without hitting their own vessels. Green took her fighter in close to a cruiser, strafing its hull as she remained a mere two meters above its shield and continued blasting away as she ran went. When reaching the aft section of the cruiser she did a roll over, diving under the ship upside down, evasive maneuvers being used to turn around and make a belly run. Her fighter was hit, badly damaged, the alarms screaming at her that her fighter was coming apart and she would be killed unless she ejected. "Fortune favors the bold," Green said to herself, then angled her stick downward, ramming her fighter into the hull of the cruiser. With weakened shields the small vessel missile penetrated easily and smashed into the shell that kept the ship together, the fusion reactor aboard exploding as it came apart, causing significant damage to the larger vessel. Stage one ended with her death.

The screen switched to a new view, Green sitting in the center seat of her command, a carrier vessel. Again, the Cardassian fleet was dead ahead and approaching fast. All her fighters had been launched according to bridge crew. "Tell our fighters they have free reign on maneuvers and tactics. Helm, turn us at an angle to the enemy, thirty degrees, and keep our starboard side to them. Fire at will!" As the ship turned and they got within range of all weapons the darkness of space was lit up with a criss-cross of fire. On the screen the carrier rumbled and vibrated with each impact, the shields holding but weakening. "Reduce life support and inertial dampeners by 15% each, and shunt that power to our shields. Tactical, prepare a spread of torpedoes, then tell a squadron to follow the missiles to their target."

One officer asked why.

"The enemy cruisers will be more worried about a dozen torpedoes coming at them than they will a few fighters," she explained. "Point defense will try to take out the torpedoes, thus giving our fighters more time to keep firing." The battle raged on and her ship was being mauled, system after system being manipulated to keep it going as long as possible. "Helm, turn us on a course of 387.2 and put all power to forward shields. Fire at will, and give another spread of torpedoes!" The behemoth carrier turned slowly, but when it set on the course it was aimed to go between two cruisers. "Set defense initiative Kirk Epsilon. Tactical, set torps and phasers to broadside both enemy ships, and as we pass arrange shields back to all cover!"

"Engineering, damage report!"

"Captain, she's taking a beating but holding together. She'll need some stitches and a buttload of screen doors, but structural integrity is holding."

Helm announced they were now passing aft of the enemy cruisers. "Engineering, eject one antimatter tank, set with an explosive charge, on my mark." Doing the math in her head as she watched the screen, Green found her equation due to speed and trajectory. The Cardassians had slowed to deal with the fighters as a group, and she was going to capatalize on it. "Eject, now! Helm, accelerate to full impulse." The carrier leaped forward as her damaged engines did what they were told to. Watching the tactical display on her main viewer, and counting down in her head, Green saw they had reached a safe distance from it. The Cardassians would not be so lucky. "Ignite!"

The antimatter tank exploded, and once it was released, the explosion came out 100 times stronger, slamming into both the enemy cruisers with tremendous force. Several sections of both were coming apart at the seams, but the ships remained whole for the most part. Despite the distance she had calculated Green saw the roiling wall of heated gas heading for her aft section. "Brace for impact!" The wave of energy slapped her ship in the arse, sending crew flying from their seats before the auto-straps could secure them, her ship rolling onto her port side as the wave passed by them quickly. "Damage report!"

"That wave has knocked out main power, and the warp core is offline. Several hull breaches in the Secondary hull, but nothing we can't handle, Captain."

"Good to hear, keep on it." Clicking off with engineering, Ro looked forward. "Helm, right the ship and all stop. Operations and Science, begin scanning for survivors of the battle, both ours and theirs. Have Medical teams sent to the transporter rooms, backed by Security." Stage two ended.

Green, having loved that with who she was, had a sheen of sweat on her brow. "Nice program, Sir. Effective."

Joe was smiling when she looked at him. "Lieutenant Commander Green, have you already been practicing?" Joe asked his tone amused.

"Life is a constant exercise, Sir," responded Green. "I wouldn't be an effective tactical officer without knowing a few things...and, studying some of our past heroes and their tactics. Like Kirk, I don't present enemies with what they expect, but rather, what they wouldn't."

"May I?" Asking for the console. She moved slightly and he quickly punched in some commands. Suddenly the view screen went blank and a 76 appears on screen.

"Based on your actions, damage to opponents, damage you took, casualties, you scored a 76 percent." Joe turned to look at her reaction.

Green nodded, not too happy about that score, but remained stoic about it. "Seventy-six. Either the program is tougher than I thought, or the computer expected me to play it safe. There is no safety in the middle of battle, Sir. In my opinion, of course."

"Commander no need to explain." Joe laughed. "You currently have the highest score on the ship. That's even trying the simulation for the first time. I think because you did not survive the first part is why the computer took off the majority of the points." Joe smiled at her. "Well done commander."

"Thank you, Captain." Ro gave a lopsided grin. "And like my hero James Kirk, this won't be the first time I try this simulation. It has now become my Kabayashi Maru." She gave a chuckle. "Anyway, I have taken up too much of your time, Captain. I have a department to get in order. By your leave?"

"Dismissed." Joe said and returned to his ready room.

Giving a nod of acknowledgement, Green stepped around her CO and went into the lift.