Shakedown Take 2 - New Digs
by Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Captain Joe Boston

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Title   New Digs
Author(s)   Lieutenant Commander Nicole “Nikki” Beckett, MD & Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Sat May 14, 2016 @ 8:40pm
Location   Transporter Room, Deck 3 Quarters & Captain's Ready Room
Timeline   1035 hours, MD-01
Tag   Boston
Nikki materialized on the Transporter pad and adjusted the weight of her duffel bag. "Dr. Nicole Beckett requesting permission to come aboard," she said, looking around the Transporter Room.

The Chief Petty Officer manning the transporter console checked his list of expected boarders and, as he shut down the transporter, said, “permission granted. Welcome to the USS Tigris, Dr. Beckett.” He came around the console holding out a small PADD.

“Thank you,” Nikki said, stepping down from the pad and taking the PADD from him.

“That's a location reference for the ship,” the young man explained. “You have been assigned to quarters on Deck 3...Number 0015. It also has your security codes for over riding the lock on your quarters and office. The Captain has been informed of your arrival and is expecting you in one hour.”

“Thank you, Chief,” Nikki said with an amused smile. “You have been very thorough. I better get going if I'm to freshen up and report to the Captain in time,” she added with a friendly wink.

“Yes, ma'am. Thank you,” the CPO stammered, a bit uncomfortable with the Doctor's unmilitary-like manner.

With that, Nikki looked at the map on the PADD and exited the transporter room. After finding her quarters she, quickly, unpacked and freshened up. As she put her hair back into a ponytail she said, “computer. Location of Capt. Boston.”

=^=Captain Boston is in his Ready Room on Deck 1.=^=

“Thank you,” Nikki said, absentmindedly, as she checked her reflection in the full length mirror. Satisfied, she headed for Deck 1 and a few minutes later walked up to the anterior door of the CO's Ready Room and rang the chime.

Joe was drinking coffee and looking over his daily reports on his PADD. He was so engrossed in reading, he did not even look up when he said. "Come in."

Nikki pressed the door control and the door slid open with a whispering hiss. She walked into the room and over to the front of the desk. Standing at attention she said, "Lt.Cmdr. Nicole Beckett, MD reporting for duty, sir."

Joe looked up from his PADD at his new Chief Medical Officer. He took a moment to size her up, something he does to all his department heads. She is standing at perfect attention, her medical record: perfect. Determination is in her eyes, her fiery red hair done in a perfect regulation style. Joe determined that it seems all red headed doctors are going to do things by the book. Meaning an extra aspirin for him at times.

Joe stood up and spoke. "At ease Doctor, and welcome aboard." He move from around his desk to shake her hand, noticing her firm grip he smiled.

"Thank you, sir," Nikki said, relaxing a bit. It had been a while since she had done this. "She's an impressive ship, sir," she said knowing that the way to a Captain's heart was through his ship.

Joe nodded at the compliment. "Yes she is, only a couple of years old and still the newest Sovereign class in the fleet." Joe felt ill prepared as he didn't have time to review her service record. "Where were you stationed before Tigris, Doctor?"

"I spent 5 years at Outpost 67 as their CMO," Nicole answered. "And before that I was a trauma surgeon and ACMO on the USS Wilkesboro."

Joe nodded. "So this will be your first starship assignment?"

"My first one of this size," Nicole said. "The Wilkesboro was a Oberth Class ship. Only 13 decks. What is our crew compliment?" she asked.

"We have 855 enlisted and 165 officers." Joe replied. "Would you like a quick tour?"

"I would love one, sir," Nicole said with enthusiasm. "1000 plus crew members," she said with a smile. "Looks like I'll have my hands full," she joked as she followed the CO.

"It is never dull around here." Joe said motioning to the door. They turned and he led the way back to the bridge. "Obviously this is the bridge. Doctor how comfortable are you should the need arise to take command?"

Nicole looked around the massive Bridge. It made the Bridge on the Wlkesboro look like an Academy training Bridge. Mentally, she identified each station as she looked around. "For that to land in my lap something catastrophic would have to happen," she said, watching a runabout cruise across the main viewing screen. "That scares me more than the thought of being placed in the position." She turned to look at the Captain. "But, yes....I could..if necessary. I would rely on the Bridge crew to advise me. A Captain is only as good as their crew," she said, quoting her father.

"Have you ever seen combat?" Joe's tone was serious. "We have seen our fair share."

Nicole looked back at the main screen. "As a physician, I see the painful results of combat," she said, simply.

Joe nodded. "Let's hope that we never have to see something like that."

The two of them entered the turbolift. "Sickbay" Joe said.

The doors of Sickbay slid open and Nicole followed the Captain across the threshold. Looking around she nodded her approval of her new domain. "Impressive," she said, walking over to the nearest treatment area and inspecting the equipment. "State of the art." She turned and smiled at the Captain. "Very impressive, sir."

Joe looked around and smiled. "Just finished being upgraded and overhauled, to better suit our needs. I hear that we can compete with some Starbaces."

A stocky nurse with the look of a mother protecting her territory walked up to the two. "Captain," she said with a nod to Joe then extended her hand to Nicole. "Welcome to the Tigris Sickbay. You must be the new boss. I'm Sara McKlusky, Head Nurse. But everyone calls me Mac," she said.

Nicole smiled, amused by the woman's demeanor. "Nice to meet you, Mac," she said, shaking the nurse's hand. "I'm Dr. Beckett. I love what you've done with the place," she said, lightheartedly gesturing around the suite.

"Oh you ain't seen nothin' yet, Doc," Mac said, linking her arm through Nicole's and steering her away from the Captain. Over her shoulder she said, "I can take it from here, Captain. I'm sure you have better things to do than play tour guide," and with her free hand she made a shewing gesture.

Joe never quite understood why Captains constantly get dismissed from sickbay. He gave a smirk. "Just a reminder Doctor, there will be a department head meeting in two days. Check your PADD for the details."

As Nicole got "drug" away she looked over her shoulder and said, "I'll be there. Thank you, sir."

"Now through that door is our corridor that leads to the Surgical Suite," Mac said, and the whirlwind tour of the facility began.