Good and Bad news.

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Title   Good and Bad news.
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Thu Oct 01, 2009 @ 8:14am

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Hello everyone,

This month was a bad month for posting. I know I need to take much of the blame for this. I for one am tired of RL getting in the way lol. I am going to be more active now and I ask the same for all of you. Please if you have not been active for a while get a post or a PL out so I dont have to move you to the inactive file!!

Please any save posts you have get them out. The posts that you guys have ready to go all I ask is keep them in some what of an order but get them out. Got to make your stories make sence right? lol We dont need to keep a bunch of saved posts, but remember when you do do a post it should be about one maybe two pages long. If its longer then that you might have to break it up in part ones and part twos. Hey its ok if you put out 50 to 100 post this month- I encourage even challenge you to be our most active simmer!!

Now more bad news-- Lieutenant Commander Ethan Cain and Lieutenant JG Monroe Willings have NOT responded back to me. I can not keep things on hold no longer. They are going to be moved to inactive and I know were all sad to see them go and wish them well.

Now if you have posts that are waiting on those two in order to get things going again I am allowing the main author to fill in there tags or delete the waiting post. For story line purpusees well say they were assigned to New Horizon.

Now for some good news I have been promoted to Captain!

So while we wait to get our new XO please get your posts out. The Tigris will stay in patrol around New Horizon that way we can get our posts out there and get a new XO.
Again I am sorry for the delay and I am sorry to see our XO and Security Chief go. The simm will go on.

Captain Joe Boston
CO USS Tigris