Hello everyone, I hope your still there!!!

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Title   Hello everyone, I hope your still there!!!
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Mon Sep 21, 2009 @ 5:24pm

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Hello and hope your all still here and doing well.

I want to apalogize for the lag in posting. I was having some RL problems and I think there taken care of. SO lets get this site rolling again or we may face deactivation!! lol I need everyone who still wants to be with the site to post a personal log asap please.! I will PM everyone as well. We dont want to let our fans down, thats right there are fans!!

Whats been going on so far--

The Tigris is on patrol around New Horizon. Were going to help get the planet set up to start long range scans and get her defences up. (Cain, Ella, and Willings)

Our fighter wing is going to help patrol the 3 planet system. (Lexon and Athena)

Jonas you are still up to your old tricks!! lol

Everyone else please feel free to do a jp or a personal log to get things updated and going again.

Soon we will recive a distress call from David Skii on the Midnight and we will have to respond to the new threat.

I am sorry for not geting the story going faster but I am working to correct that problem.

Ok everyone lets get our posting numbers up! Talk to you soon.

Captain Joe Boston