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Title   Squadron Name
Category   Out of Character
Author   Lieutenant JG Jennifer 'Athena' Williams
Posted   Wed Aug 26, 2009 @ 12:24pm

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*Posted on Ship Newsletter*

USS Tigris Squadron Receives a Name.

Ensign Jennifer Williams confirmed today that she has finalized the name and the squadron designation for VFA-214 Black Tigers as the formal name for the Starfleet Fighter Squadron on the USS Tigris. When asked why she chosen this name, Ens. Williams noted that the name is a tribute to two ancient fighter squadrons that served in the pacific during the Second World War on Earth.

"Black Tigers is actually a combination of the names of two squadrons. The VMA-214 Black Sheep, and the Volunteer American Squadron Flying Tigers. Both Squadrons were noted for their skill and cunning in battle. Another reason I picked the name Black Tigers is because it conforms well with our base ship's name. I have also picked the squadron number, VFA-214, as a gesture of honor to the ancient Black Sheep Squadron." Ens. Williams noted.

Recently the Black Tigers have already seen their first combat sortes and have recently suffered their first combat loss. Also, the squadron's has an average pilot kill ratio of three per sortee.