Squadron Name Contest

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Title   Squadron Name Contest
Category   Out of Character
Author   Lieutenant JG Jennifer 'Athena' Williams
Posted   Wed Aug 05, 2009 @ 11:25am

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(An Excerpt from the Ship's Billboard)

Good Day fellow Crewmembers

It just so happens that we have the finest Starfleet Fighter Squadron in the fleet onboard the USS Tigirs, but there is just one problem, we don't have a squadron name. Since none of my pilots can agree on anything, I have decided to get the rest of the crew involved and make a contest out of it.

Anyone who wants to particpate, please send a private message to the Ensign Jennifer Williams, CAG, 40th Starfleet Starfighter Wing. We will accept only one entry per crewmember. (Maybe two entries from the Counselor if she gives us a clean bill of Mental Health)

The final decision will be up to the Squadron Commander, after an intensive selection process that will involve every member of the squadron. (God have mercy on the CAG's soul)