Welcome, Quick Notes, And Mission Three Launch

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Title   Welcome, Quick Notes, And Mission Three Launch
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Fri Jun 19, 2009 @ 4:33pm

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Hello and how are you all.

Another warm welcome to our new players. To our current crew make them feel at home! A couple of quick note before we get on with other news. Please everyone review our posting format and our simm rules. We started a PG-13 site and per HF rules will remain that way. Were are all here for a fun, clean, and entertaining simming experience. So please don't make the Captain use the strike system! lol

I still have NOT gotten every ones award nominations yet!!!! I will leave it open for the weekend and then give out awards Monday! Please don't leave your thoughts out on who should win what award especially the Crews Choice Award. If you wish to give me an award please PM our XO Commander Cain.

Mission Three is now underway!

With our new crew members getting settled and our debriefing from mission two almost complete it will be time for the Tigris to get back out there. On this mission will will meet a new/old friend Lieutenant David Skii of the USS Frontier. Feel free to check out the Frontier site and read his current posts as it sets up our mission. While the Tigris is in the Starbace and getting ready to get underway again please feel free to do a post or JP with someone. Write a log entry about life on the Tigris. If you need an idea here are current problems on the Tigris:

-Repairs that were needed to the security system and tractor beam control need to be complete before we depart Starbace 813.
-In our last mission some crew members need to be debriefed on the Starbace.
-Things are getting cramped on the ship especially Cargo space.

If you need another idea or have one for me please feel free to pm or e-mail me. Hope your all doing well and lets make Mission 3 our best yet!

Commander Joe Boston
CO USS Tigris