Mission 2 Ending And Site News. Mission 3 to start soon.

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Title   Mission 2 Ending And Site News. Mission 3 to start soon.
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Sun May 31, 2009 @ 10:16pm

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Hello all,

I have some good and bad news, first the bad.

At the end of this mission our current XO is going to be transferring to another station - You will see that in a future post here soon. In real life he has a lot on his plate and has decided to leave for a while. I hope Bobby/Aurora decides to return one day. While he was here he helped this site a lot and I want to thank him for everything. We all wish you well!!

Now the good,

Please send in your award nominations, especially crews choice award ASAP. I also want you to take a look at our posts written by our crew and give me one you think should be up for post of the month. I want us to get more involved as we have a new roll to fill. See the big news.

Our new Chief of Security will be reporting aboard. We will return to Starbace 813 to pick up new crew and new orders. We will take a short rest and do a few character development posts and then start mission 3.

Now for the very BIG news.

Ive been selected TGCO for TF-22, The Explorers. This means the Tigris is now the Flagship for the Explorers! I know we can live up to HF expectations. Hope your all doing well and I will talk to you later.

Commander Joe Boston
TGCO 22 The Explorers
CO USS Tigris