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Title   Site News-- New Task Force
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Sun Apr 05, 2009 @ 4:09pm

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

In an effort to balance out Horizon Fleet's Task Forces, the following changes have been made:

The USS Tigris is now part of TG 42-A under Captain Androski. This is just for your information if you have frineds interested in the fleet.

Mission Update: This mission is going well. Yes A little slow but its is going well. I am thinking things will pick up here shortly now that we have had a little twist. A major post is currently in the works and once it is posted things will move faster again.

Till then write a post or mission log about how your player feels about the deaths of the Ambassadors. What has your player been up to find clues? How did your team find them?

I hope all is going well for you and I will talk to you all soon.

Lt. Commander Boston
CO USS Tigris