Misson Two update.

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Title   Misson Two update.
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Fri Feb 06, 2009 @ 4:44pm

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Hello all, Were underway again!

Just a reminder of what we should see during Mission Day two:

Aurora and myself are going in the peace talks they start up again at 1000. We will get a break here and there to do A JP but like I said it will be a quick MD-02.

Baird and Shelby - You are going to work on our Security and Engineering glitches we been having. Baird its you Engine Room now lets get the most out of her! Shelby remember you have to meet with the other Security personel from Azorus, keep them from killing each other!

Jonas- Your on the Hotaru. Feel free to continue to work on your ship with Lady.

Tybek- Your looking for your missing project and if you wish to do a JP with someone to help you find her please feel free. I look forward to see what happens.

Cain, Garion, Wilson, You three continue your on the bridge keeping us on course and keeping an eye on the other Diplomats as well.

Mission day two will last about a week and then we will move on to mission day three. Have a good weekend and if you have any qusetions PM me or send a e-mail.

Commander Joe Boston