Im still here.

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Title   Im still here.
Category   General News
Author   Marine Captain Randy Prince
Posted   Fri Aug 31, 2012 @ 2:13pm

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How about you? I know its been a while since we've got any activity out lately, and I know that we are all busey in real life. But we need to get this simm up and running again. This story we are on right now looks like it could be fun. If we can just get some posts out there, then we can get going. Those of us who I call "veterans" of the simm should remember a time when we were shooting out multiple posts per day.

If we can just get back to that progress, then I know we can have fun. Im going to try to get a hold of Rayne, because she has said she wishes to stay on board but her personal life is busey right now. In the next few days, im going to try to send out a few posts. If anyone wishes to JP with me, Im open to it. Just send me a message.

Come on people. Lets get this game going again. Lets have fun again.

Thank you,

Marine Commanding Officer, Captain Randy L. Prince