Hello all, Mission Update.

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Title   Hello all, Mission Update.
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Tue May 01, 2012 @ 10:08pm

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Hello everyone,

The shore leave part is over! Everyone is on ship and were going to get underway!!!!!

There are a few things I need from ALL crew.

1st Please welcome, Lieutenants Patience Cri and Sian Nykan. Welcome aboard!!! Lets make them feel at home.

2nd I need everyone to sign in and post SOMETHING!!! A quick JP or a Personal Log a Post on what your player is doing in the Mirror Universe. We need everyone to get current. If this doesnt happen I will have no choice but to place your player in the INACTIVE status untill I hear from you. We have a GREAT crew here and I dont wish to see anyone leave due to being inactive.

3rd. Posting rules. I am going to change and revise the guidelines. We need to get posting up for the ship and I am going to keep it simple. You will be required to log in once a week, you will have to post a post or JP once every 10 days. In the event your part of a JP that JP should be posted in 10 days. We cant have a few (including me) holding up a JP.

4th for those who dont know were going into the Mirror Universe. Were going to leave Starbace 513, and start patrolling along the Romulan/Federation border. Once on patrol that is when the fun will begin. This mission will be mainly about our mirror selves. Will will have a major part in it but make this most about the Dark Side!!!!

All of you keep up the good work! Posting was up for the last montrh. I challenge you to have a better one this month!! Lets make the Tigreis a great place to be and read about!!!

If anyone of you have a question please feel free to e-mail me my door is open.

Thank you all, Keep up the good work!
Captain Boston.