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Title   Upcoming mission
Category   Out of Character
Author   Lieutenant Commander Tybek
Posted   Mon Apr 16, 2012 @ 2:34pm

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Dear Crew.... as I am sure the Captain is very busy I feel very confident that we who remain can continue on with this mission up to our entering or crossing over to the other side of the looking glass.

As XO allow me to join you in any JP's that you might produce in order to move us to that point. In the post Hippocratic oath - David Skii (npc) and our beloved Athena Williams have established their roles already. We will need to plan our own mirrored universe characters roles and jobs.

Tybek is a leader of a rebel resistance against Skii but once worked for Skii as his own personal physician.

Hope that helps give you some ideas. for now lets jsut write with our characters doing our job and await the Captain's next posts.

Respectfully yours,

LCDR Tybek