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Title   SIMM Update
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Sun Dec 18, 2011 @ 11:14am

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Hello everyone,

I wish I could bring some holiday cheer but I have bad news first.

Tybek our XO for a while now has decided to resign. He wishes to come back soon but for now he just doesn't have the time.

Also our CTSO John McCloud has decided to leave as well. Mr Prince you will be filling in again at tactical until someone wants the position.

As far as the XO spot goes--- if ANY of you are interested let me know via PM or e-mail. I will send you my XO application to fill out. (hint- it's only 6 questions)

With the low activity I will also need to know if you wish to remain on the SIMM. OR if you wish to remain and take on a new player/position. Please let me know ASAP, if I don't revive a PM or e-mail from you by Dec. 31, I will take that as your resignation and you will be removed and missed. So please don't delay.

Right now were on shore leave and I'm going to keep us at star bace 513 Till after the new year. So please feel free to keep posting while were here. Once we get the personal issues taken care of will will get under way!!

Till then I hope you all have a great holiday!!

Captain Boston
CO USS Tigris