!!!! IMPORTANT NEWS Please Read!!!!

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Title   !!!! IMPORTANT NEWS Please Read!!!!
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Mon Sep 26, 2011 @ 11:04am

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Hello Everyone!

I am happy to say that this mission will be ending THIS week!! Yes I know finally after all this time were moving on to bigger things!! All of you that have stuck this out I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If your in contact with any of the crew members that has not been around for a while please let them know, New mission will start Monday Oct 3!!!

First order of business--- Anyone that is part of a SAVED JP. Log on and look at the whole post. There are tags wIting for you!!!! Check them and let's get this done. If we can we can start the next mission early!

About the next mission--- Those of you posting on the NPC Youktown you will officially be on board the Tigris when we return to Starbace 513 on Friday. Your post should reflect that.

Name the mission contest--- if you have an idea for our next mission title into the mirror universe please hive it to me ASAP!!! I have only 2 entries, please don't be left out!!!

Awards---- Yes it's awards tome now that this mission is ending!!! Please get at least your Crews Choice Award nomination in! Any other awards please let me know who and what!

And now the bad news---- Active crew/inactive crew --- I'm sending this out to all of you as I hope to hear from everyone. I need to know if your still with the USS Tigris SIMM. This is always a good time to find out if people wish to leave the SIMM or transfer to another. If you want to switch JOBs let me know now!! I need to hear from all crew members what they would like to do! For those of you who have not been active for a while, I hate to do this but it's a rule, I will be sending out E-mails to see if your still interested in the SIMM. If I dint hear back from you in (7) seven days I will have to remove your player from the SIMM. So I EXPECT to hear from you!!!

Now Everyone keep up the good work!! I thank you for getting another mission under our belt!!

Captain Joe Boston
CO USS Tigris