Simm News, Mission Update!

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Title   Simm News, Mission Update!
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Tue Aug 23, 2011 @ 9:49am

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Hello Crew of the Tigris!

As you all have noticed we have made GREAT progress in brinign this mission to an end. I ask you all to read the latest posts put out as they are very good and entertaining to read!! I want you all to keep up the great work!!

Athena and Jonas -- I have entered your post "Jonas' Delusion" in for the Post of the Month for July. Great job on that one guys. If any of you have not ready that post please do and then go to the Horizon Fleet Yahoo Groups page and vote for it!! This post made me laugh!!

Now to let you guys where we go from here......

The Away team is going to break into the control room and eventually return to the Tigris with Borsin and Vala, Glorn will have escaped.

The Yorktown (NPS) will help the Tigris get out of the Hammers tractor beam and then together we will help whats left of the Atrxi Fleet defeat the Borg Cube.

Once we get all that done we will return to Starbace 513 fro some R&R and repairs. We also will see some fresh faces!! Once this mission is over I will offically welcome our newest crewmembers!!

And now the bad news. Mr. Gibly and Mr. Lexon have decided to leave the simm. I know we all wish them well and hope we see them again someday!

Captain Boston