Horizon Fleet Movie Night

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Title   Horizon Fleet Movie Night
Category   Out of Character
Author   Lieutenant Rayne Tiger
Posted   Mon Mar 21, 2011 @ 9:40pm

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Dearest Crew:

For any who are interested, Thursday night 3/24/11 in Horizon Fleet IRC (which you can find by going to Horizonfleet.net and selecting the HF Chat option on the left hand side bar) there will be a mass viewing of ST: Nemisis. How this works is you obtain a viewable copy of Nemisis and at the predetermined time (in this case 9 pm EDT) everyone starts the movie at the same time and for the next twoish hours we bombard main chat with commentary, discussion, etc that mostly revolves around the movie. If you hate Nemisis (because there are those out there who do) or simply do not/cannot get a copy, you're still *always* welcome to pop into the IRC for the socialization aspect.

~ Aimee