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Title   Hello Everyone
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Thu Feb 17, 2011 @ 11:26pm

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Hello Crew of the USS Tigris,

Well here we are once again but this is mostly my fault. Intrest in the simm is way down, I have myself only to blame.

At this time I want to ask all crew members who are interested in remaining on the Tigris please let me know Via Private Message. I know the rules say 7 days but I will check In 5.

If there is enought people intrested in staying on and becoming active again the tigris will continue on. If there is not, I will contact the TF CO and tell him that the Tigris has gone inactive, where you will have to opertunity to go to another simm and be part of a more active simm.

Again this is no ones fault but mine, I let work and other personal reasos get in the way of simming. Life is tough for me at this time but still thats no excuse for letting you guys down. Please let me know asap. If we can we will salvage this mission and then quickly move on to another.

Captain Joe Boston.
CO USS Tigris.