It's that time of ... simm?

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Title   It's that time of ... simm?
Category   Out of Character
Author   Lieutenant Rayne Tiger
Posted   Thu Aug 05, 2010 @ 8:08pm

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Hello my friendly fellow simmers. :) I'm sending this out to let you all know that after my LoA is up is in a week or two (or once this mission ends, whichever comes last) you will each be getting a call from the Counseling office to do your evaluations! That's right, once in a while, Rayne actually -works-! So, I'm giving you all ample time to decide if there's anything IC that you'd like to develop with your character that Rayne could be of help with (or one of the other counselors, we now have two NPCs in the department), if you have NPCs of your own you'd like to work on developing via an evaluation, or just generally try to come up with a *really impressive* way to dodge the counseling staff. You'll each be assigned to either Rayne or Sofi, as well as the new counselor Angela Taer who will be 'shadowing' these evaluation sessions. I can't wait to see just how creative some of you get with the last option. Oh, also, if you have a preference with which character you'd like to write, let me know. I promise to take it into consideration but I can't promise which one you'll be assigned to. I hope you're all having a wonderful summer, and I look forward to writing with each of you. :)