Awards!! Hello All and Congratulations.

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Title   Awards!! Hello All and Congratulations.
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Thu Jun 24, 2010 @ 3:08pm

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Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the delay I had to go back to 'Crossroads' so I could make sure I didnt miss anything or anyone. I want to tell you all how glad I am to have you here and I want you all to keep up the good work!! Now lets get on with the show:

For Crossroads

The XO Merit Award Goes to Ella Weston.

The CO Merit Award Goes to Athena

And finally the Crews Choice Award winner is Rayne Tiger!!!

Congrats to all of your hard work on that mission. Now for Double Cross:

Congrats to ALL of you!! You all will be reciving the Action award for this battle mission!

The Newcomer Award goes to Lieutenant JG Callum Kochanski, for your completion of your first mission! Congrats!

I have a Most Improved Player award that goes to, Marine Captain Randy Prince. Your posting on this simm has shown threw. Congrats!!

I have two Relationship Ribbon winners: Lt. Commander Tybek and Lt. Weston!
For your work together and struggles you face with each other Congrats!!

I also have two NCP Devlopment Award winners! Randy Prince and Athena Willams. You two have used your NPC's to make your posts real and exciting. Congratulations!

The Hummor award winners are, Tybek, Ella, Athena, and Jonas. Your posts in this mission were fun to read! Congrats!!

The XO Merit goes to.... Athena Willams. Yor hard work and flying was supurb this mission. Congrats!!

The CO Merit award winner is.... Lt. Rayne Tiger. Your help to me and the others has been great for this mission. I thank you and Congrats!!

And finally the Crews Choice Award Winner is........ Marine Captain Randy Prince! Mr. Prince has made leaps and bounds in both his writing in general and in his utilization of Randy as a marine. He's really taken ownership of his part in this mission and has expressed both IC and OOC his desire to do his part to make it the best it can be.

Congratulations to you all!!! Lets keep up the good work! Now if ANY of you feel I missed something or someone, please let myself or Mr. Tybek know asap. Ill keep the Award Nominations open threw the weekend.

Congrats again and thank you all for being part of this great ship and simm!!

Captain Joe Boston
CO USS TIgris.