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Title   Mission End Date
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Thu Jun 03, 2010 @ 9:07am

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Hello Everyone,

I hope your all doing well. Last month we had a slow posting month, partly due to my busy time is now. However I am hoping that with this mission ending on the 11th will help bring our numbers up. From now untill then here is what we should see happen;

-- The Tigris and Midnight will start attacking the Juggernaught.

-- Athena, you, Alex, and Jonas should finish off those destroyers the Juggernaught will see you comming in and start launching its own fighters. Jonas this is when you make your move!!

-- Marines you will by then secure the Wandering Explorer.

-- Jonas you and I will do a post with you on the Juggernaught

-- With EVERYONE working together the Juggernaught and Smith will have an unfortunate ending. lol

-- All three ships will start the trip home, Thus ending this mission!!

Now as some of you may or may not know this leads us to the Battle of Altorus. The Federations first Major Battle agenst the Elyshans. For those of you new to the ship you can read about it by going to the HF Wiki and searching for The Battle of Altorus.

Now our next mission "Backgrounds" wich is a shore leave mission will bring us back to the current time line with the rest of HF. The Tigris will have gone under a major repair, with a few upgrades, and finally we the crew will get some R&R. I have decided that this is where YOU come in. This is youer guys mission, and opertunity to tell your storys!! Where your charater has come from or how you guys act with eachother. Thats right its your turn to tell your stories. I've decided that at the end of this mission the person/s who are voted to be the best, have good posting numbers, and keep it Star Trek cannon, will be rewarded. So plan your time off well!

Any question please feel free to ask.
Captain Boston
CO USS Tigris