Another Missing Crew Member.

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Title   Another Missing Crew Member.
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Mon Mar 08, 2010 @ 5:57pm

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Hello all,

After hearing nothing from Ensign Cassandra O'Bryant, I am placing her in the inactive crew. I hope to hear from her to re-activate her but untill then the ship must go on. We wish Cassandra the best in what ever she may do. Good Luck Ensign.

On other news I am very happy and excited to see how this mission is going. You guys are doing a great job of posting and making things fun. Onm that note I want to let you know I have stepped down from being TGCO of 42-A. I could not put the time and effort needed for the position AND for the Tigris. Now I have more time for you guys and gals!!

With that in mind for those of you who already gave me there crews choice from last mission ignore this. "I NEED CREW CHOICE AWARD NOMINATOINS!!!!!!!!!!"

I want to give out awards but I need your input! Please get them to me now. Thank you, I dont want to sound harsh but you guys have worked hard and it is time for your rewards!!

Hope your all doing well.

Captain Boston