Fresh Start!!

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Title   Fresh Start!!
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Sun Feb 21, 2010 @ 5:54pm

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Hello all!

Sorry for the delay but Crossroads is offically over. Doubble Cross is now our new mission and we can now start fresh with mission Day 1. If you wish to start a sub-plot now is the time to do so.

Our story so far:
The USS Tigris has discovered what happened to the USS wondering Explorer. Federation Intell sent the Midnight after it. The mission failed, now it is up to us to to get those ships back.

The Hotaru with Mr. Marsh, Mr. Hill and all the Marines has been launched into Elyshan space to get the Marines aboard the Midnight. Once aboard Jonas, Mike and Randy will have to fight deck by deck to free David Skii and the rest of his crew from Mr. Smith and Orion forces. Oh and remember fellas you have to do this undetected. lol good luck.

To help them out the USS Tigris is heading into a section of space controled by Mr. Smith. Once there The Tigris and fighter squad will engage his forces to get his ships to come out of Elyshan space and engage us. This is when we will make a grab for the USS Wondering Explorer. Mr. Tybeck you are assigned as the temp XO while Mr. Hill is away.

After that we will stumble upon a plot that will threaten everything around Mr. Smiths area of space, including the Federation!

I will start writing up some major JP's on tues and wed. Till then please feel free to tell about what your up to on the ship. As always if you want to write a Jp with me I am always available. Any questions please feel free to ask!!


In order to get all the awards out I need your vote on who you think deserves this important award!! Please get them to me asap!!

Thank you,

Captain Joe Boston
CO USS Tigris