Lots of Simm News Please Read All!!

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Title   Lots of Simm News Please Read All!!
Category   General News
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Mon Feb 08, 2010 @ 4:16pm

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Hello everyone,

First some good news:

I hope your doing well. Theres been a shake up in the fleet and the USS Tigris is now the Flag Ship of HF Task Group 42-A. The change will affect us in the next couple of months as we will deal more with the Romulan threat and the upcoming HF Story Arc. Please review the HF home page for more information on that. (Look in the HF Forums)

Second some bad news,

Lt. Mike Wilson and Ensign Christan Lohan have been removed from the simm as real life has gotten in the way of simming. Mike has been put under as The NPC Chief Science Officer as he has mentioned maybe returning one day. We here at the Tigris wish then the best of luck!!

Now the really bad news.

It has been brought to my attention, and I have also noticed some actions that are no longer going to be tolerated on this ship/simm. I am not going to punish or scold anyone I am going to keep things general and it is not directed at ANYONE. I want everyone to be able to have fun and enjoy posting on The Tigris and not have things be held up by one person (Even Me), and we all should get along (For the most part. lol) There are some changes to the simm rules that are effective IMMEDIATELYLY:

*The changing, rewriting (spell and grammar check is the ONLY exception.), or filling in of another players tag is NOT allowed on this simm. Also the removal of a player from a Joint Post is NOT allowed.*

*As a crew member on the USS Tigris you are required to post one Post and/or Joint Post and/or Personal Log every seven (7) Days. If your working on a JP please check-in every few days to put your input on it. The exception to this is if a Leave of Absence (LOA) is granted to the player by the CO or XO, which must be given if requested, within reason.*

*Log-In: EVERYONE - You are required to at least log-in once a week to check for simm/site news.*

*If the CO issues you an order (one that is with-in reason) and that order is disobeyed the player is then subject to a Captains mast and possible strike(s) and/or removal from the simm. The Captains mast will give the player to explain the situation, depending on the orders and severity of the situation HF JAG core could be called in to over see the matter.

*All of us on the Tigris want to make reading/writing Posts and Missions a fun and enjoyable experience for all who visit us.
** With that said Horizon Fleet, The Tigris simm, and the CO do NOT approve the abuse of drugs and drinking on this simm. Such actions will NOT be tolerated and depending on the severity will be subject for removal from the simm.**

*Fighting between crew members is NOT going to be tolerated, especially if one crew member out ranks another. Orders are orders and should be fallowed. (Again as long as there with-in reason) If one crew member has a problem with another it is to be brought to the XO and CO and a resolution will be made.*

If anyone has a problem with these changes please e-mail me or PM me or even IM me. My door is always open and SOME compromises can be made.

Now to Mission Update.

After carefull thought I am going to END this mission, sort of, on Friday. If you have any JP out there please get them finished and posted. We will get 3 or 4 major JP out there to finish up this mission. Now I have decided to do a part 2 to this mission to get the story line back in order. It is called Double Cross and will be about how The Tigris and crew will put a stop to Mr. Smiths plans. I am also going to take sugjestions on how to do JP's better. If you have an idea please let me know asap. I do not want this simm to become inactive and not a fun place to be.

Thank you, all of you for your continued work on the Tigris.

Captain Joe Boston
TGCO Task Force 42-A