Mission Logs

Current Mission
Shakedown Take 2   [ Posts: 23 ]
As we're getting things back up and running again feel free to explore the site and post about being on the ship. We're currently docked in the space station orbiting Earth.
Completed Missions
Lets See What She Can Do   [ Posts: 28 ]
The new ship of the Federation is ready and her crew is reporting aboard.
Mission 1: Down With The Sickness   [ Posts: 50 ]
While on patrol the crew of the Tigris discovers something interesting. Unfortunately it becomes a race between them and time.
Murder On The Tigris Express   [ Posts: 89 ]
The Tigris is sent to help a world torn apart by civil war. Something mysterious happens while underway and the crew has to figure out what went wrong before Azorus turns on the Federation.
Crossroads   [ Posts: 200 ]
The crew of the Tigris is sent to respond to a mysterious distress call. It leads them to a hard choice they must make, one that could mean war, one that means leaving somone behind. Who can make the right choice? Is there a right road that will lead them all out alive? What will be the outcome of there actions? Will meeting an old friend mean there destruction? Find out in Crossroads!
Double Cross   [ Posts: 73 ]
After learning of two Federation ships being captured, the USS Tigris and crew mount a rescue mission. Only two problems lay in the way, one Mr. Smith is back with vengeance. The second he has the Elyshans on his side. The crew is split in two teams in order to take on all forces. Captain Joe Boston hopes they can make it back in one piece.
Backgrounds   [ Posts: 69 ]
The crew of the USS Tigris finally gets a break away from the ship. See what each member of the crew does with his or her time off.
Hippocratic Oath    [ Posts: 77 ]
As the crew of the USS Tigris finish shoreleave, the ship is given an important new task. They are the first olive branch on a diplomatic mission to a planet long isolated from Federation contact. Can the misfit crew set up a good diplomatic dialouge or will the uncovering of a dark secret cause chaos?
Unshattered   [ Posts: 40 ]
The Crew of the USS Tigris is back on patrol along the once Romulan/Federation border. While on patrol a mysterious rift pulls them into another dimension, one where the Universe is at all out war with each other. The Romulan Federation fights to keep its control, The Klingon-Cardasian Aliance fights to take back what it once had, and the Terran Resistance fights to gain its freedom and a home. It is a time of a great power strugle and the Tigris finds itself in the middle of it. Can the crew find a way out of the Mirror Univers or will they become one of David Skii's pawns?