Captain Joe Boston's Personal Log - On To The Next Mission.

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Title   On To The Next Mission.
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Fri Jan 02, 2009 @ 6:25pm
Computer begin Captain log....

Captains log suplimental.

The Tigris has been diverted from our patrol area to Outpost 813. We are to pick up two Ambassadors from Azorus. Aparently the planet of Azorus has come to Outpost 813 to personally ask the Federation for help. The Federation is sending us to start and over-see the peace talks while on the way back to the planet. To help get the ball rolling we are to also tranport and deliver food and medical aid. Due to Azorus state of civil war the Federation knows only a little about them. I hope this is a start of a cease fire after one hundred years of war. We will pick up and/or transfer crew as needed. I am sad to see Mr. Garon go. He is a fine Officer and I hope he can return to active duty one day.

Computer e.. oh add side note. I need to talk to Jonas Marsh about his repairs and his need to solve everything with a disruptor.

One thing we need the cargo room, second he is also going to hull supplies with us. I certainly hope he takes the news well....

Computer end log.