Captain Joe Boston's Personal Log - A Fine Ship And A Great Crew.

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Title   A Fine Ship And A Great Crew.
Author   Captain Joe Boston
Posted   Fri Oct 17, 2008 @ 7:36pm
Computer, begin personal log....

Captain's log, Stardate 62627.1

We are on our way back to Starbace 6114 and all is going well. During our time in the Novas system we had a brief incident but I must say the crew handled everything flawlessly. I can not be happier about the crew that I have. I am eager to meet the new XO assigned to us. His record is a bit of a mystery but I am sure in time he will fit right in.

Ensign Garion reported to me that we might need the impulse engines looked at once we reach the Starbace. I have noticed how he takes great care in the engines. I hope we will not be delayed long.

I am very eager to see what this ship and crew can find out there.

Computer, end log