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Simm Rules:

First and one of the most important is we have a rating of 13+. Yes we have players as young as 13, and do not allow anyone younger then 13 on the simm. HF posts should be generally of high moral standing and tastefully executed. If in doubt, err on the side of caution, meaning foul language, nudity, torture, gore, or anything you don't want you OWN kid under 13 to see is not allowed.

As much as possible in a science fiction simm, please keep posts realistic. Your shuttle is not able to destroy a planet, and a ship out of torpedoes is not about to launch an assault on a heavily fortified enemy position. Starfleet, The Federation, and The Trek Universe still has rules and regulations that we on a Trek simm will use along with the Fleet Directives and the Simm Rules. We are after all only human, but our minds can and will take us anywhere.

New Races:

New Races are welcome here on the Tigris with the CO's and HF approval. Your bio must be very detailed AND realistic, as there are no Super Players or Super Powers in HF.

Posting and Log In Activity:

**The changing, rewriting (spell and grammer check is the ONLY exception.), or filling in of another players tag is NOT allowed on this simm. Also the removal of a player from a Joint Post is NOT allowed.**

As a crew member on the USS Tigris you are required to post one Post and/or Joint Post and/or Personal Log every seven (7) Days. If your working on a JP please check-in every few days to put your input on it. The exception to this is if a Leave of Absence (LOA) is granted to the player by the CO or XO, which must be given if requested, within reason.
Log-In: EVERYONE - You are required to at least log-in once a week to check for simm/site news.


In the event there is a Rule Violation it will result in a strike. The first strike is a warning. The second strike is a reprimand and/or loss in rank. The third strike, just like in baseball, your are removed from the ship/simm.

If the CO issues you an order and that order is disobayed the player is then subject to a Captains mast and possible strike(s) and/or removal from the simm. The Captains mast will give the player a chance to explain the situation, depending on the orders and sevarity of the situation HF JAG core could be called in to over see the matter.

All of us on the Tigris want to make reading/writing Posts and Missions a fun and enjoyable experience for all who visit us.
** With that said Horizon Fleet, The Tigris simm, and the CO do NOT approve the abuse of drugs, drinking, and others (Meaning argueing or harassment both in and out of charater.) on this simm. Such actions will NOT be tolerated and depending on the severity will be subject for a JAG review or even removal from the simm. This is a PG-13 Friendly site.**

*Fighting between crew members is NOT going to be tolerated, especally if one crew member out ranks another. UNLESS it is story related and in good taste. Remember this is a PG-13 site. Sparing is the ONLY other exception, we do have to train the troops. In the event one crew member has a problem with another it is to be brought to the XO and CO and a resolution will be made. We are a family here and even family has its fights. lol*

The site/simm rules are subject to change and questions please feel free to e-mail Captain Boston at:

Thank you!

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