Lieutenant JG Douglas Reid   

Character Information
Name   Douglas Reid
Rank   Lieutenant JG
Position   Chief Medical Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Betazoid
Age   26
Physical Appearance
Height   5' 9"
Weight   135 lbs.
Eye Color   Black
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description   Douglas is a tall man. He stands at 6 feet and one inch. His weight makes him skinny as it is 135 lbs. His black eyes clash with his blonde-brown hair. However, his hair brightens his crisp tan skin. He has a muscular figure. His abs show through his tight medical blue uniform
Personality & Traits
General Overview
The Betazoid man as a good personality overall. He is an open minded person. His peers and coworksers think he is a respecful young man. He doesn't lie because it is unbecoming of his species. He is an honorable trustworthy young man. He believes that in being truthful will some day get him to a higher position. Hopefully, a commanding officer position. He never looks down on people; he always gives them a chance.
Strengths & Weaknesses
One of his strengths is that he can be a leader. His leading skills stand out as he loves to give orders. He also has an honesty strength. He can not tell a lie. Well in some cases he could. His weaknesses include being afraid under pressure. He doesn�t show it though. He always has a smile on his face. He also hates getting in trouble. Something-like back talking his CO- might happen.
He has always wanted to be the CMO. One day, Douglas hopes that his accomplishments will earn him the rank of captain. After a few years in the center chair, he would like to sit behind a desk as an admiral. He hopes to retire to a life of teaching the academy medical classes.
Hobbies & Interests
Douglas likes to play racket and or tennis ball on the holodeck. Every now and again, he likes to write and act in a holonovel. He doesn't know what he would do with holo technology. Since he was a child, he has had an interest in holo technolgy and star ships
Languages   He knows Klingon and federation languages.
Father   Julian Reid
Mother   Julia Reid
Sister(s)   Jessica Reid
Children   Adopted-- Alex James (Sister's kid as she is deceased.)
Other Family  
****Youth and Academy****

Douglas Reid was born, Januar 1st to Julian and Julia Reid. Both of them are Betazoids; however, he was born on Earth in the U.S. Douglas spent his young days, going back and fourth between his parents' assignments. He had resented them for a bit because of this, but he got over it when they resign their commision because of him. At the age of fifteen, while they were moving to Betazed, Douglas got the letter saying he had been accepted to the Acadmy as a Medical Student. He was so excited, he called his uncle, who is Admiral Reid, and everyone else to tell them. They were least bit surprised as during his school years, he had made straight A's.

During his acadmy years, he was dedicated to his studies and therefore, didn't look for a woman. He finished the academy within three years. He had made straight A's. Well, except for the B he got in Star-fleet history. He was known at the academy, for being a goody goody. He always did as he was told. All of his teachers thought that he was one of their best students. Upon his graduation, he was promoted to Ensign and put on the USS Da-Vinci

****USS Da-Vinci****
When he was placed upon the Da-Vinci, he was at the rank of ensign. The postion he held was a Medical Officer. He stayed there following everyone's orders. Douglas thought that just staying there as a medical officer wouldn't get him anywhere. He put in a request to transfer. It was denied because he had only been there for six months. But, it was approved six months later, when he refused to kill a man. He thought it was against the oath he had taken.

****USS Ticonderoga****
The USS Ticonderoga, which was commanded by Captain (Admiral now) Reid, was where he was transferred. He was given a more senior position and rank. The Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Everyone got along with him great. Well, except for the XO. She thought he would get in the way if the CO had to chose between the ship and him. Two years later, the ship, which was Constitution class, was decommisioned. All the personnel was transferred. Some were promoted. His uncle and he was among them. His uncle becoming Vice-Admiral, and him becoming Lt.

****USS Apple****
As soon as the Ticonderoga was decommisioned, he was placed on the Apple. He was still in the position of ACMO. He liked his knew CMO in looks and on duty. However, he did not like the Captain of the Apple. He was such a nagger. Everything you did, he always had a problem with. Reluctantly, after they had an argument over him being such a nagger, he was transferred to the Typhoon. Before the transfer, the admiralty decided that he should be promoted. And so it was. He now held the rank of Lt. Commander.

****USS Typhoon****
The Typhoon was the proudest ship to Douglas. He was now a lt. Cmdr and held the position of Chief Medical Offcer. He could move anyone he wanted to out of the way. Or so he thought. His accomplishments on the Typhoon were few, but great. On an away mission, he ended up killing a few people trying to make a vaccine for a disease they had. However, a few tests later, the killings were remedied with him finding a vaccine and curing the away team and government team's disease.

He had his fair share of losses though. Especially, when it came to women. He had two girl friends on the Typhoon. The only problem, was that they were at the same time. On a ship that small, word gets around pretty quickly. They found out he had been sleeping with the other and broke up with them. Douglas couldn't stand it anymore, and transferred after a year to Star-base Sapphire.

****Star-base Sapphire****
Douglas had only gotten to know a few of the crew. He was only there for a while. However, he was able to gain a promotion to Commander. He took the Bridge officer's test and after three times passed it. This resulted in him being placed on the Night shift at Ops. He was so proud that he told everyone. Even his ex girlfriends. After six months there, he grew weary of the place and decided to transfer to an Intrepid Class Starship called the Apollo. The request was denied. He was demoted for a reason with held and put on board the USS Tigris.

****USS Tigris****
Current Position! He asked to be demoted so that he could get up in ranks a bit more. He loves a challenge. While on board, his sister dies. That left his nephew without a father or mother. Douglas quickly adopted him.
Service Record
USS Da-Vinci-1 Year Ensign-MO
USS Ticonderoga-2 Years- Lt JG
USS Apple-Three Months-LT -ACMO
USS Typhoon- one year-Lt CMDR-CMO
Starbase Sapphire- Six Months-CMDR-CMO; Bridge Officer
USS Tigris-Current-LT-JG
Action Award Action Award For those who write thrilling action-filled posts
1 Year Service Cross 1 Year Service Cross
3 Month Service Cross 3 Month Service Cross
6 Month Service Cross 6 Month Service Cross
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