Lieutenant JG Jennifer 'Athena' Williams   

Character Information
Name   Jennifer 'Athena' Williams
Rank   Lieutenant JG
Position   Wing Commander
Gender   Female
Species   Human
Age   28
Physical Appearance
Height   5' 6"
Weight   128 lbs.
Eye Color   Brown
Hair Color   Brunette
Physical Description   Jen has an athletic and well toned swimmers body. She is in perfect physical condition for flying a starfighter, but that is where the conformity ends with Jen. Most of the time, Jen has not even heard of a uniform and she wears her own array of skin tight clothing that suits her as she regularly works on starfighters. She claims that fighter maintenance usually stains her uniform, and she only wears the uniform on request. Also she has an annoying habit of altering her clothes.

Jen has somewhat of an Asian look to her, suggesting a possible asian descent, but she never knew her parents and her family is a subject that she would like to explore. Other than a repair kit, Jen carries an IPADD with earphones at all times.

Personality & Traits
General Overview
Jen's personality is part Ace Starfighter pilot, part wild-child, and part jetgirl. The only time she's even remotely serious is in the cockpit. Otherwise her personality usually gets her into the brig seventy-five percent of the time.

Jen has never been accused of disobeying orders, but she has always been written up for not acknowledging protocol. Some have dismissed her eccentricities when they learn how fine of a pilot she is while on duty.

Jen's devotion to duty far outweighs her personality quirks. She has been known to put herself in the line of fire without pause for her crew, and even take care of them not only as a superior officer, but as a family member. However she will not always ask a superior officer on a best course of action. If lives are on the line, she'll act immediately, and sometimes without thought.

However, do not underestimate her. There is a reason she's called 'Athena.'
Strengths & Weaknesses
Jen is called 'Athena' for a very good reason. Her situational awareness and ability to change her tactics is second to none. She is the first to consider the unorphadox, and even the hazardous, in an effort to get an edge over her opponent. In flight, Jen follows a series of fundemental air combat rules once used by the Red Baron, and has instilled these rules in each of her pilots; Dicta Boelcke. ( Even though they are hundreds of years old, Jen believes these rules to be the fundementals of Aerial Combat.
To be the best of the best.
Hobbies & Interests
Jen's interests are fast ships, big guns, and handsome men. She also enjoy's playing her guitar.
Languages   Federation Standard, Cuss Language, Smut, Trash Talk, Bad English, and Klingon
Father   Unknown
Mother   Unknown
Brother(s)   Unknown
Sister(s)   Unknown
Other Family  
Jen was born on New Shanghai to an unidentified parent that sought medical attention at one of the Medical Stations, and almost suddenly, her mother abandoned her at the Medical Station when she walked out one hour after birth with no explaination. Jen was left to be raised by a Catholic Orphanage on New Shanghai

While she was growing up, Jen disliked the Orphanage. While many of the other orphans opened up to her, she had no authority figure other than the Nuns at the Orphanage and no one to turn to. Religion did not interest Jen, as her young mind was trying to contemplate why her mother abandoned her. The fact that she was inadequate for her mother set in and Jen began to rebel vigorusly against the Orphanage.

Finally she simply left the orphanage and fell in with several of the New Shanghai Gangs. The Gang offered her the structure she was seeking, but also this life involved her in several struggles between rival street gangs. She wanted to rise above the slums and the massive cityscape of New Shanghai. And one day she looked at a Starfleet Recruitment Poster and decided that if anything offered a life better than what she had on New Shanghai, she'd find it in the stars.

Jen studied vigorously for the Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam, but the fact that she came from the Gangs did not impress the officer evaluating her enterance exam. She passed, but the Officer still failed her anyway until Jen challenged the Officers ruling as biased. Starfleet ordered hers and several others hopeful's enterance exams re-examined, and found that nearly four hundred applications had failed when the final score was above seventy-five percent. Jen was admitted into the Academy.

Jen did incredibly well at Starfleet Academy, fueled by a desire for a better life than New Shanghai. But her nonconformity disturbed some of her instructors due to the fact that she rebelled against wearing the Cadet uniform. Jen wore uniforms grudgingly, but then learned ways around to prevent from wearing the uniform. She learned that pilots had the option to not wear the uniform if they were certified in fighter maintenance. So she learned this valuable skill of repairing her own starfighter.

Jen was assigned to the USS Essex when it began a counter-piracy campaign against the Red Talon Clan on the edge of Federation Space. It was here that her skill as a pilot came to a head. After being seperated from her base ship, Jen planned and organized an assault on the Pirate base before it could launch an attack on the Essex. Her actions earned her the position of a Wing Commander on the Essex.

As Jen continued to fly, her skill as a pilot amazed those who served on her wing. Paticularly four pilots that she worked with. Ensign Howard 'Big Daddy' Jennings, Ensign James 'Jimbo' Roberts, and Ensigh Salarshara 'Sally'. These three pilots soon formed an unbreakable friendship, and Jen finally had the structure she wanted all her life. They were more than a squadron, they were her family during the Red Talon campaigns.

When the last of the Red Talon bases fell, Jen was assigned a squadron on the USS Tigris.

Upon the defeat of the Red Talon, Jen was assigned her own squadron, and true to form, her squadron transfered to the Tigris with her.
Service Record
Starfleeet Academy
Flight Cadet

Record Entry Commandant Harold McPherson

Cadet Williams shows a complete disreguard of the Uniform Code. While this Cadet shows excellent ability to understand and follow orders, she fails to understand the concept of the Uniform and what it represents. I am therefore filing this incident in Cadet William's service record.

USS Essex
Starfighter Pilot
Wing Commander

Record Entry Squadron Commander Alice Carpenter

Athena is one of the finest pilots I've ever had. She bends the rules with the uniform code, but I'd trust her with my life. She's saved, not only my life on one occasion, but the lives of this entire ship and crew. She's earned the right as far as I'm concerned to bend the rules a bit. It is my recommendation that she be raised to the post of a Squadron Commander.

USS Tigris
Squadron Commander
3 Month Service Cross 3 Month Service Cross
6 Month Service Cross 6 Month Service Cross
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