Lieutenant Ellana Weston   

Character Information
Name   Ellana Constance Weston
Rank   Lieutenant
Position   Chief Engineering Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Noi -
Age   35
Physical Appearance
Height   5' 6"
Weight   135 lbs.
Eye Color   Crystal Blue
Hair Color   was dark, now dyed blond
Physical Description   Ellana has a dancers body, one would never guess her passion lies in Engineering by looking at her. Her curvaceous body and thin arms are deceptive, she is much stronger than she looks and she looks much much younger than she really is. Her long lanky legs make her appear to almost glide when she walks and makes her appear taller than she really is.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Ellana can be trouble and has been called so many times. She can sometimes act like a rebellious teenager but will follow orders, with a little back lip if its heard or not. She has issues in dealing with people, in large groups, she prefers working on machines much more. She can be nice or sarcastic depending on what whim happens to pass her fancy, she is also very strong willed, she is also very irritable. She tries her best to be polite usually being successful but it comes at a cost to herself ending in bleeding lips from trying to keep her comments to herself. She has fits of Anger and on occasion violence which usually can be suppressed until a better time to release it. She enjoys spending her time alone when it is at all possible. She has a slight problem with authority, something she never seemed to grow out of, at least not yet anyway.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Tele/Empath, stubborn, can be a loner, she has something akin to Elasian Tears (see note at bottom of history)
just to enjoy herself for now.
Hobbies & Interests
Tinkering, building, music, ballroom dancing (dancing in general) and drinking.
Languages   Federation Standard, Noiesian, Klingon, and Romulan
Father   Unknown raised by Bernard Weston
Mother   Unknown raised by Rosilin Weston
Brother(s)   none she is aware of
Sister(s)   BellaDonna Weston, possibly others but not to her knowledge
Spouse   None
Children   None
Other Family   unaware of any outside her adopted family.
Ellana is one in a set of twins that was baby-napped from Natura by Orion slave traders who's ship was intercepted by a Federation star-ship while on their way back to Syndicate. It was later found out that they were to be raised and planted in different high level places in order to gather information and relay it via telepathy. The crew of the Federation Star-ship took guardianship of the girls until they returned to Earth at which time it was decided the best course of action was to place them in an orphanage until their parents could be located. One of the crew was unhappy with this and offered to care for the girls until such time as their biological parents were located. That never did occur, however, and after 7 years guardianship was awarded to the good custodial Samaritans.

Ella grew up trying to avoid people at all cost, unfortunately this made life for her sister a little more difficult. Ella used Bella as a buffer to keep herself from saying things that would hurt people, including those that had taken her in. She grew up quiet resigning herself to working on different electronic things she found around the house and a few other places. She also poured herself into learning to play the guitar and piano something that could pass the time locked away from the world and other outlying places.

Her parents enrolled her into a dancing program when she was seven trying to focus her on something other than tearing things apart. She did well and stayed dancing throughout her time at the Academy, winning a few competitions along the way.

Ella came into her own in the Academy, well as far as her own is. Engineering was almost a dream for her, she breezed through it like it was child's play. She made a few friends, they were considered bad for her but she didn't care, she enjoyed them. Her time was still spent working on music, she had considered leaving the Academy to pursue a career in the music industry but ultimately her need to tinker and the desire to leave Earth compelled her to stay. She had a lot of run ins with the 'warden' as she called him but it always ended with a slap on the wrist and 'grounding'. She seemed to always be confined to her quarters, which was more of a blessing than a punishment for her. She learned during these years from a Betazoid how to block her thoughts from her sister and any other telepathic races that wanted to listen in, she also learned how to shut theirs off which was a relief for her. Toward the end of her time at the Academy she embarked on her own personal project, building a racing shuttle. She took to racing it on the weekends and did quite well.

Ella graduated, though not in the top of her class, it would have been easy for her to be there but she slacked off, the only thing she did well on was Engineering. After a major shake up in her life she managed to pull herself together. She was originally assigned to a different ship than the one her sister was but the decision not to split them apart was soon made when they were a week out and Ella told everyone in no endearing terms what she thought of them. She was soon labeled too much trouble and sent back to serve with her sister, hoping she could help Ellana learn to control herself a little better, once that was thought to have occurred they were split up.

They once took a trip to their home world and Ella became enamored with learning what she could, becoming fluent in the language. Her mind grew quite quickly once she was trained to use her telepathic abilities by her old XO, seemingly unlocking something in her physiology to allow her to have a telepathic link with non-telepaths. Her mind seemed to reach out, hungry for everything she could find, but it comes at a heavy toll, moments of confusion and a feeling of loss on her part. She often keeps a block to keep out the randomness of life. She's given to fits of randomness, often time acting on instinct or on a whim of fancy before anything resembling logic kicks in.

*note* Race: Noi ~Slow aging (normally lives 200-250 years) tele/empaths. Some like Ella have a gland that produces something like Elasian Tears only not to the extreme extent that the Elasian cause. Some were gifted with the pheromone equivalent much like that of an Orion, it is rumored that they are an off-branch of each culture, but it has never been proven.

~@************************ @~

Your time beneath my busy hand well spent
Iíve made a thing I love; I ask no more
And never shall redeem the heart I lent
Me in my world and thyself in thine
Two petals on the same and silent flower
And evermore Iíll welcome thee in mine
Your dear creation was my finest hour
Service Record
2365 - 2370 -- USS Neven - Engineer mate/ engineer
2370 - 2376 -- USS Mira - Engineer
2376 - 2383 -- USS York - Assistant Engineer
2383 - 2385 -- Transfer USS Tigris
3 Month Service Cross 3 Month Service Cross
Action Award Action Award For those who write thrilling action-filled posts
Relationship Ribbon Relationship Ribbon For those who develop meaningful relationships
Humor Award Humor Award For those who demonstrate humor in their posts
XO\'s Merit XO's Merit
6 Month Service Cross 6 Month Service Cross
1 Year Service Cross 1 Year Service Cross
2 Year Service Cross 2 Year Service Cross
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