Lieutenant Rayne Tiger   

Character Information
Name   Rayne Lillee Tiger
Rank   Lieutenant
Position   Chief Counselor
Second Position   Second Officer
Gender   Female
Species   Human/Betazoid
Age   29
Physical Appearance
Height   5' 7"
Weight   150 lbs.
Eye Color   Hazel
Hair Color   Brown
Physical Description   Rayne is of average figure, with a thicker middle and wider hips. Appears to be intense until you catch the playful gleam in her hazel eyes, a full mouth, high cheek bones, and long brown hair. She has one tattoo upon her left shoulder blade of an orange Tiger Lilly.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Rayne is rarely found without a smile on her face. She considers a day without laughter a waste of time. She enjoys people who have strong personalities, though she is intrigued by those who are withdrawn and quiet. Off duty she tends to be a rather carefree and adventurous spirit, but on duty she is very much the professional. She can be overly sympathetic and tries very hard to not let that effect her job. Social and friendly, intense but playful, good listener, honest and upfront, takes no crap and gives none either. Great sense of humor and good at figuring people out; hearing what they don't say as well as what they do say. Years of personal experience have led Rayne to believe that one's eyes are the windows to their soul and she often keeps solid eye contact with another when looking for sincerity though this hasn't always allowed her to see the truth she's looking for.
Strengths & Weaknesses
She cares about others and is genuinely interested in different cultures and ideas. She tries to be understanding and considerate, respectful and polite. There aren't many she can't get along with. Her biggest weakness, aside from her natural ability to be sarcastic and somewhat spiteful and cynical, is her willingness to see the good in people over the bad. She has great control over her temper but once the boiling point is reached, it's hard to control her mouth. She tries to see through other's eyes which can cause conflict in her own decisions.
She is currently satisfied with her position in Star Fleet, and has no desire to alter it at the moment.
Hobbies & Interests
She loves animals, history, people watching, gambling, and spending time on the holodeck in various scenarios. She enjoys nature, but has no aptitude for biology or horticulture, reading (anything), socializing with everyone she meets, card games, music and dancing.
Languages   Federation Standard
Father   N/A
Mother   Alena Tiger
Brother(s)   none
Sister(s)   none
Spouse   none
Children   none
Other Family   An aunt (Elise) and uncle (Jaroad), two cousins, Allan and Beck.
Rayne was born October 23rd, 2357 in central Illinois on Earth. She grew up with her mother on a farm they shared with her mother’s brother, his wife, and their two children. She never knew her father and no one in the family ever spoke about him. On the few occasions Rayne had asked about him in childish innocence the subject had been abruptly and definitely changed.

Though her mother was a physical presence in the house, she was emotionally absent from Rayne’s life. Most of Rayne’s earlier memories of her mother consist of the woman spending days upon end in her bedroom and a sense of guilt and anger when she was around Rayne. As a small child Rayne didn’t understand the difference between her own emotions and the emotions she was feeling from her mother and as a result was sure she’d done something terrible to make her mother hate her and resolved to stay out of sight and out of the way hoping to earn her mother’s love by being a ‘good girl’.

Her uncle was a tradesman and was often away on travel which left Rayne under the care of her Aunt. With two male cousins she couldn’t relate to, Rayne spent the lot of her free time playing on her own, preferring to keep company with the farm animals and woodland creatures that surrounded her. Part of this preference was due to the fact that when she was around people she would get glimpses of their thoughts and emotions. As with the topic of her father, her abilities were something the family would not discuss with her either.

During her early school years Rayne was a poor student. Near constant bombardment of the thoughts and feelings of her classmates and teachers left her drained of energy and concentration. By the time she’d reached her early teens however, she’d found a way to nearly block them out, which improved her school work drastically. On occasion however, she’d slip up and answer a question that hadn’t been posed aloud or comment on a thought she’d ‘heard’. These incidents, while infrequent, were enough for her peers to be suspicious of her and by high school most of them avoided her entirely. With no outlet for her focus in social settings, Rayne found solace with her faithful animal friends and in the pages of books. She could be found on a Saturday afternoon (had anyone cared to look) at the side of a brook with her nose stuck in any number of reading materials. These long hours alone gave her time to search deep within herself, strengthening her sense of self and conditioning her for her later years where she took solace in meditation techniques. It also encouraged her to exercise her imagination and gave her plenty of room to pursue her personal goals and dreams.

By the time she was a sophomore in high school Rayne had found work in a local pub on the wait staff and working in the back doing prep. While she was used to aiding in the kitchen from years of helping her aunt, she was not prepared for the overwhelming assault of knowledge she would accidentally glean from some of the more inebriated customers. It was too much for her to handle and at 16 years of age, after one particularly disturbing incident with a regular patron, Rayne went back to the farm, packed the few items that held any sentimental value to her and slipped out into the night. She didn’t know where she was headed; she just knew that there was more to life than what she’d been shown by the small rural community.

While she was travelling from town to town working odd jobs in any number of service positions, Rayne’s path crossed with a couple in their early twenties who told her they were heading to the Starfleet Academy. Being the naturally curious creature that she was it only took a matter of minutes and a short string of questions for Rayne to feel the pull of spending the rest of her life out among the stars. She asked to go with them and they agreed. Once she reached the Academy she learned she had a little over a year before she could officially become a cadet and took the opportunity to finish her education. At age 18, she officially joined Starfleet and learned for the first time why she tended to be intuned to those around her. She’d never heard of Betazed or Betazoids before and had no idea what to do with this newfound knowledge. A professor in the psychology department took an interest in Rayne, leading to her spending quite a bit of time learning about the psychology profession from ‘the business end’. She consequently enrolled in classes and blossomed both socially and academically. It didn’t take long for her to realize that many of the problems that she had blamed herself for with her mother were really a result of a mental illness on her mother’s part. No longer having to take care about what she said to whom, she found her senses had lessened to the point where she could only read a thought or sense an emotion if it was either very strong or directed at her. For the first time in her life she felt regret for not nurturing her ability and has worked hard to attempt to remedy that ever since.

When she graduated, Rayne vowed to help others in any way she could using her new skills. Following her instincts and giving in to her thirst for knowledge, Rayne chose to stay at the Academy for a few years following her course completion, researching with professors and other more textually inclined graduates, specifically where other species and their unique mental afflictions were concerned. Eventually she became restless and applied for her first ship position.

Assigned to the USS Helios very early in the year 2383 as ships counselor, Rayne thrived. She loved the application of psychology, loved the family atmosphere and delighted in watching those around her grow into their positions. For the first time in her life she not only felt like she realized her purpose but that she was exactly where she was supposed to be. She was accepted and she was happy. The Helios was sent out on a short search and rescue mission, and upon returning to Earth was docked for a refit. Not content to sit idle when she could be reassigned, she applied for and was accepted as a counselor on the USS Exeter just before the turn of the year. Two years spent on the Exeter earned her a promotion to Chief Counselor, though it took a much less shining toll on her personal life. Sent on an away mission that was primarily undercover work, she returned to the Exeter only because a team member (who she also happened to be involved with at the time) ensured they made it back. Unfortunately, issues between the Captain and Starfleet headquarters found the Exeter without command and Rayne's internal struggle with the realization that she'd had to do things she wasn't proud of on the planet coupled with the fact that she'd nearly lost the first person in her life she'd ever allowed close to her led to the demise of the relationship. On both counts, she needed a fresh start. For a few long months, Rayne resumed a place at Starfleet Academy refreshing her researching skills until she again found herself with the need to be on a ship. Upon a stroke of luck, Rayne discovered the USS Tigris had an opening for Chief counselor, applied immediately, and was accepted.
Service Record
2381-2383 Starfleet Academy Research Assistant
2383 USS Helios - Counselor
2383-2385 USS Exeter - Chief Counselor
2385 Starfleet Academy Research Assistant
2385-present USS Tigris - Chief Counselor
3 Month Service Cross 3 Month Service Cross
6 Month Service Cross 6 Month Service Cross
Action Award Action Award For those who write thrilling action-filled posts
Captains Merit Award Captains Merit Award For a crewmember deemed worthy by their CO
Crews Choice Award Crews Choice Award Chosen by the Crew
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