Lieutenant Commander Tybek   

Character Information
Name   Tybek
Rank   Lieutenant Commander
Position   Executive Officer
Gender   Male
Species   Vulcan
Age   28
Physical Appearance
Height   6' 3"
Weight   187 lbs.
Eye Color   brown
Hair Color   black
Physical Description   A tall Vulcan man that like to wear a white medical jacket over his uniform. And infamously likes to carry a black bag on away missions.
Personality & Traits
General Overview
Tybek is in all ways a Vulcan but likes to push the limits to his logic and experiences. He is more emotional than your typical Vulcan. And appears at times sad.

One day hopes to find his long lost love from the Academy days.
Strengths & Weaknesses
Tybek tries to save all life, but becomes angry when he loses one. He also has a deep anger towards the Borg and their assimilation plans of the universe.
Tybek has always hoped to be the Chief Medical Officer of a ship or base. And to do so before his father dies.
Hobbies & Interests
Reading and medical conferences. Musical instruments
Languages   Vulcan, Federation Standard{English}, Klingonese.
Father   Sulak
Mother   Tcara
Brother(s)   Sulek,Sirius, and Tilc
Sister(s)   0
Spouse   none
Children   none
Other Family   Fraternal GrandFather { Suvus}
Tybek is the oldest of four sons born to Sulak and Tcara of Vulcan. He was raised on Vulcan but moved to Earth at 17 when he could no longer could meet the expectations of his father ,to be a Vulcan healer.

Tybek had a desire to go into medicine but not the state run Vulcan rendition of the practice.

For Tybek there was more to healing than the traditional Vulcan way and other ways to become a doctor. So
at 17 he hitched a ride as a freighter crewman and worked out a passage to Earth, a journey of two years. As a member of the freighter crew Tybek was the ships medic and counselor. though his bedside manner was not apathetic.
Tybek arrived on Earth and took up with a rogue of troubadores living in lower Los Angelous which turned out to be a popular music group. Tybek was the first Vulcan lyre player to ever play "Wipe Out", a popular terran song in the 21st century.

Tybek met a young human girl and dated her for the four years he attended the Academy but lost contact upon graduation as they were both assigned opposite quadrants of duty.

Tybek joined SF Academy and graduated with a degree in Medical and Xeneology in 2374.
Service Record
Academy years: 2370-74 Majoring in Physical Medicine and Xeneology studies as a Minor.

USS ISIS: served as medical officer intern 2374-2378 < A medical ship assigned to patrol the Cardassian border. Was damaged during a Maquis raid near the Bad Lands>

USS Isoroku:served as medical officer 2378-2380 < reassigned as a medical officer following the Socrates decommission. Served with honor and distinction and applied for Chief slot but denied after its brief refit.

DS 10 Medical Officer 2380-2384 - served as medical staff during a trying time on the station as Breen led Dominion operatives tried to occupy the station.
3 Month Service Cross 3 Month Service Cross
XO\'s Merit XO's Merit
Departmental Commendation: Medical Departmental Commendation: Medical
Captains Merit Award Captains Merit Award For a crewmember deemed worthy by their CO
6 Month Service Cross 6 Month Service Cross
1 Year Service Cross 1 Year Service Cross
Action Award Action Award For those who write thrilling action-filled posts
Relationship Ribbon Relationship Ribbon For those who develop meaningful relationships
Humor Award Humor Award For those who demonstrate humor in their posts
2 Year Service Cross 2 Year Service Cross
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