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HUNTING... by Lieutenant Commander Rogue/Ro Green

Posted on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 2:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Rogue "Ro" Green & Lieutenant Commander Nicole "Nikki" Beckett MD
Edited on on Sun Jun 5, 2016 @ 3:31pm

Mission: Tigris Shakedown
Location: Security Chief's office
Timeline: after JP 'Round and round'


Green sat in her office, with the door locked. On her screen she had called up all the internal sensor logs for warp engineering. At some point she figured she would run across what exactly had happened, and if sabotage was the cause. She had already gone through several engineering spaces, with no red flags coming up, so with a few key strokes she focused on the area of the rupture. Skii and several other engineers had risked life and limb to save others, and they had paid a painful price for their bravery, and Ro would find out who was responsible. Some would call her obsessed, but others would say driven. She owed Starfleet a great debt, and when lax safety precautions caused injury or death, she could not--would not--allow it to go on. Everyone, from the President all the way down to a first year cadet, deserved justice backed by facts.

Seeing the walkway for the heat transfer conduit, Green focused. "Computer, slow the feed by one-quarter." The video slowed, allowing her to see what had happened a bit slower, to catch anything unusual. She spotted a base worker at the controls for the reactor coolant, so as she sipped her black Sumatra coffee, Ro watched intently. There, just as he went to tap some key his hand paused a moment while he turned his head so that his eyes could follow the arse of some engineer. "Computer, replay last segment, and rotate video thirty degrees to the right." It did as instructed, but the hand she focused on for the worker was still hidden. "Rotate ten more degrees." Again, she could not see what key he pressed. "It's like a bloody jigsaw puzzle," she sighed out. "Computer, five more degrees."

Bam! There it was. "Computer, restart last segment, then play three times. Normal speed, one-quarter, then half. Go." As the video kept playing Green was able to see the hand raise up with finger ready. The worker turned his head to view the bum of a female, and his hand went forward. But, instead of hitting pressure release, with his eyes off the panel, his finger had hit pressure increase, and he held it a moment, which had caused a massive cascade in the heat transfer line. The pipe could not handle the pressure and it popped, flooding warp engineering with reactor coolant. "Computer, record all three additions with time stamps. Add my name, rank and position to all three recordings, and I take full responsibility." Her eyes burned from staring at screens half the night, but that was easily overlooked with the evidence in hand that the Tigris crew had not been responsible for the damage to engineering. "Computer, send a report to the CO, Acting XO, Acting CEO, and Lieutenant Commander Skii. The Operations Manager was not at fault, and he needs to know this. File a copy of the internal sensors into my Security logs." She gave her codes.

Once the computer had informed her that all had been done, Green stood, stretched and yawned. Exiting her office, she went directly home to get a nap before all hell broke loose over this incident.



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