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Post : Klothos 1

Posted on Thu Oct 29, 2020 @ 12:31pm by Lieutenant Tucker Kent & Lieutenant Sorel PhD & Lieutenant Commander Korath .

Mission: Pirates Honor
Location: USS Tigris
Timeline: Concurrent


Lt Tucker Kent was not pleased with the performance test and concluded to improve his scores. Enlisting the help of the chief of science, Kent also invited the ships XO to observe.

Utilizing the holodeck a brand new scenario was installed and with the actors in place all that remained was the arrival of Korath.

Korath arrived shortly afterward carrying a PADD in hand. As he stepped onto the Holodeck, he straightened his tunic. "Lieutenants. " he nodded in greeting.

" Sir welcome to the Klothos...a Klingon war ship. Starfleet Academy has a program to train as a Klingon crew. We ask if you will be our Captain.

Korath allowed an amused grin creep across his face. He had not been aware of such a program before today. He had served several years in the Imperial defense forces. He found himself curious just how accurate the program would be. He rounded the large command throne and took a seat. "Very well Lieutenant. I caution you however. If you thought my assessment of the crew's reactions were harsh before; be prepared to be judged by the standard of what it means to be Klingon. "

" Fair enough sir. Computer begin program Klothos 1." Tucker replied.

The room changed, the lights changed and suddenly everone was Klingon.

" My Lord the Klothos is in range of two jem'hadar warships. What are your orders?" Tucker being gunner reported.

"Cloak the ship charge disruptors and arm forward torpedoes! " Korath ordered. "Helm, bring us to within 1200 Kallicams. "

" HIja, however our damaged warp nacelle may show our impulse turns with subspace displacements. Engine room is not responding." Gunner Kent replied.

"Adjust your course accordingly. Prepare to drop cloak and raise Shields at the first indication they have spotted us! Korath nodded to a holographic warrior. "Go to engineering and fix that nacelle now. "

That crewman nodded

Gunner Kent waited for the mark that Sorel gave him as the screen showed the two Jem'Hadar reacting.

" They're reacting my lord, claok down shields at maximum, weapons targeted." Kent reported.

"Target the lead ship's engines fire torpedoes, full spread. And fire! " Korath ordered as the Vor'cha closed on the two ships.

Gunner Kent fired.

Once the first salvo was away, korath again addressed the weapons officer. "Target the second ship, aft launcher and fire! Re engage cloak and come to course 325 Mark 090; full impulse" korath knew that in combat. Even with a faulty cloak their ability to accurately target the Klingon ship would be severely diminished. By the time the Jem 'Hadar established a likely weapons lock and fired, the Vor'cha would have changed course and speed again to throw off targeting even further.

Kent smiled as the one Jem'Hadar ship exploded damaging the other ones forward advance.

" Sir we are cloaked and the enemy vessel is crippled. What are your next orders? We out gun them sir and have the element of surprise ?" Kent urged.

Korath gazed at the enemy warship for several moments. "What is the status of their weapons systems and shileds? " he asked. Another commander might have sjmply destroyed the vessel outright. But Korath saw no honor in destroying an enemy that could not defend itself. "

" Main power is down they are listing in space. A good solar wind would finish them off. Permission to fire sir?" Kent replied.

"The wind does not respect the fool Lieutenant. Hail them we will offer them the option to surrender and limp home or be destroyed. "

" Sir they are Jem'Hadar massacist. They do not deserve to live. If they were Borg you would be pausing." Kent played his Klingon role a bit longer.

The Klingon glared at the man. It was clear he did not care for the comparison or having his orders questioned. "Thr Borg are machines they have no will or honor. The Jem'Hadar understand honor. Are you so cowardly that you would slit the throat of a lame targ unable to defend itself? Carry out my orders or I'll find another who will! " he said as he leveled a holographic disruptor at the Lieutenant. The act not strictly nessesary but if he wanted to play a Klingon simulation; it served to illustrate the severity of questioning a commanders orders during an engagement.

Kent was trying to provoke the Klingon and considered his options.

" Hailing channel open to the Jem'Hadar vessel Lord Korath," Sorel interrupted. " They ask if we will allow them time to prepare for death."

Kent waited for Koraths reaponse as he had his own response planned.

Korath peered past steepled fingers. "That hardly sounds like a vorta at all. Put them on screen Lieutenant."

The screen filled with a Jem'Hadar soldiers face. But then the ship rattled and power fluxuated.

" We've been boarded deck." Sorel reported.

" I knew we needed to blast them." murmured Kent under breath.

" Sir we can end this when
ever you want. It is a no win scenario designed to test resolve," Sorel added.

Korath smiled. As he leaned back in the command throne. "You humans do live your no win scenarios. Fortunately Klingons differ in our approach. If the Jem'hadar wish to die like warriors we will oblige. Send our warriors to repel the boarders. Target that hulk's engines and get it off my screen!".

Kent activated the main guns and soon the Jem'Hadar ship was toast. Sorel then reported the boarders were now prisoners or dead.

" Sir thank you for playing along. It was very educational to see you at the con." Tucker commented.

Korath nodded in response. "Lieutenant. " he said as he rose from the throne. "Nice program. " he grinned before calling for the arch to leave.

Tucker turned to Sorel, who ironically held a thumbs up.



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