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Post # Billiards

Posted on Wed Sep 9, 2020 @ 4:18pm by Lieutenant Tucker Kent & Lieutenant Sorel PhD & Lieutenant Mari Savette

Mission: Pirates Honor
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Concurrent


Sorel sat at his station as if he were born there. Vulcans and human's did not age the same. Tucker Kent also held his tactical reins tight just in case this was part of a scenario.

Eyeing Mari Savette he never mixed work with fun but as she was at the helm he was going to.

" Lieutenant what is our current drift ratio?" Kent asked.

“Drift Ratio ...” Mari smiled. “The ship is at station keeping Sir, logically drift is unlikely when the ship is anchored.”

" Touche' Commander. Well done daughter." Sorel added.

" Daughter? No fair double teaming, I want a rematch Lieutenant. Do you play pool or billiards?" Tucker demanded.

“I’ve played pool, infact I have my own cue” Mari offered a smile. “I would be happy to play pool with you sometime if you wish.” She looked to her father. “Do you play Father?”

" Actually yes but you two should play first. " Sorel replied.

" Ok 1900 Lieutenant. Be warned I am a marksman." Kent warned.

"I'll consider myself warned then Lieutenant" Mari smiled warmly. "I will give no such warning suffice to say I never lost a game at the Academy."

" It's a date." Kent responded as he looked forward to her challenge.

“A date already and we barely know each other.” Mari grinned. “I’ll look forward to it.”

" You know what? Me too Lieutenant." Kent sort of smiled but not enough for others to see. He normally never did that but Mari had sparked a tone in him.

" If she plays like her mother Commander she will hand your posterior to you on a platter," Sorel added remembering way back.

Mari grinned. “Oh I don’t play like my mother ... I’m better!” She looked around at Sorel. “I’m looking forward to hearing your stories.”

" After you trounce the Commander come by my quarters and we can talk." Sorel replied.

“Agreed” Mari grinned as she looked at her father then at Kent.



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