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Check in

Posted on Sat Aug 15, 2020 @ 2:24pm by Captain Joseph Boston & Lieutenant Tucker Kent & Lieutenant Sorel PhD

Mission: Pirates Honor
Location: USS Tigris
Timeline: Concurrent


Hot off the boat from Starbase Horizon the ships new Security Chief reported in. Escorted to the bridge by what was about to be one of his officers Tucker Kent tapped the Captain's ready room door.

" Sir a Lieutenant Commander Kent says he has an appointment," security officer reportes

"Joe looked up from his crew report. "Enter. He said as he got out of his desk chair."

Entering and snapping to attention Tucker entered.
" Lt Commander Kent reporting for duty sir."

"Welcome aboard Mr Kent." Joe said extending his hand. "Im sorry you had to meet us underway."

" Goes with the job sir. That's why it called outer space " Kebt joked.

"I hope it didn't take too long to get here." Joe asked. "How familiar are you with the ship?"

" Adequite and I am anxious to begin. I wore out my welcome on Horizon. Ready for a fresh start sir." Kent answered.

"Excilent." Joe replied. "Because you don't have long to get ready. We have a battle simulation at 1400."

Kent slowly swallowed and then replied.

" Good I love a challenge sir. I'll be ready." Tucker reassured.

Joe smiled. "Check out your quarters get settled and then check on your staff. After you do that you should have time to check out the tactical station."

" Aye aye sir." Tucker snapped and replied.

"Dismissed." Joe said and watched the younger man walk off.

Tucker exited with intention to follow the Captain's order as he eyed the tactical board but moved to the lift instead as the orders stated. Once inside his mind rifted back to the Horizon base.

< Flash back>

Tucker entered the Commodores office optimistic to be receiving the promotion he had worked hard for. He was not prepared for what he received.

" Come in Lt Commander Kent. This is Commander Dyson he is to be our new base XO. Commander Dyson, this is our security chief Lt Commander Tucker Kent. Tucker came here from Intel and we're so glad he did."



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