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Shakedown Complete

Posted on Sat Aug 15, 2020 @ 2:25pm by Captain Joseph Boston & Lieutenant Commander Korath . & Lieutenant Commander David Skii & Lieutenant Tucker Kent & Lieutenant Mari Savette & Lieutenant Sorel PhD

Mission: Pirates Honor
Location: Bridge, Uss Tigris
Timeline: current

Joe looked at the view screen, all he saw were stars. He turned to his Tatical Officer. "Did we warp to the right place, Mr Tucker? Our target is not here."

"Shit." Tucker snapped lowly as his viewer was in the wrong position .

Joe looked at the target ship as it fired a simulated phaser at the Tigris.

The Klingon held onto the arm of his chair as the ship lurched in the simulated attack. His console displaying the aftermath of the attack. "Shields holding at 80% secondary shield generators comjng online."

Let's finish this, Joe thought to himself. "Helm be ready to come to 147 mark 286."

Mari had found herself at helm, it wasn't an experience she had very often. "147 mark 286, Aye Sir" She prepared to input the change of heading on the Captain's orders.

"Ready all phaser banks and aft photon torpedoes." Joe ordered.

Manually targeting this time Tucker replied. "Weapons on target sir. Permission to light them up?"

"Helm, engage." Joe ordered as the other ship fired.

"Aye Sir" Mari engaged the course correction and the ship dived under the other ship.

"Fire phasers." Joe said as his ship went under the other. He then ordered "Aft torpedoes full spread, fire."

Kent immediately targeted his prey switching hands remarkably fast. Brushing a smile he looked to Boston.

" Sensors detect the target ship would have been destroyed if this were real Captain. Target has been eliminated." Science officer Sorel added.

Joe nodded his head. "Stand down red alert, bring weapons back to normal power."

" Weapons at station keeping sir." Kent answered.

Joe leaned over to Korath. "How do you think we did?" He asked.

Korath studied the captain for a moment, gauging the man's openness to the warrior's assessment. "Barely adequate sir. A navigation error placed the ship within enemy weapons range resulting in damage to the Shields and unnecessary risk. However the crew reacted to the situation well and managed to destroy the target with considerable force. With additional drills, I'm confident performance will improve." Perhaps not the most Starfleet response, but it was one born from experience.

"I agree." Joe replied. "I'll leave up to you to schedule drills." Joe got up from his chair and took a step to the helm. "And thank you Lieutenant Savette for taking over at helm after our helmsman was "injured"."

Mari smiled warmly. “Well it made a change to the Counselling duties” she moved out of the seat and let the helmsman get back to his post.

"Captain, I'll be headed back to engineering now that the drill is complete " David said eager to get back to engineering.

" Captain and First Officer you are receiving a priority one message from Starfleet." Kent reported immediately to them.

Joe looked at Korath. "We will take it in my ready room."

Mari headed across to her seat, she was going to wait and see what the call was all about. She offered her father a smile as she looked in his direction.

Sorel nodded without emotion. Their performance was adequite for the scrimage but would,no,doubt, be more accurate were it real.

" Commander Kent you were far too tense during the test. It will be your undoing." Sorel told Tucker.

" You are probably right sir. I will take that under advisement," Kent replied.

Korath stood to follow the Captain into the ready room. A barely noticeable smirk on his lips as he overheard the bridge banter.

Joe entered the Ready room with Korath follwing him in.



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